That which does not destroy me, strengthens me

My news headline of the day:

I’m sick.

It’s a stomach bug or something. I think. My stomach’s been doing cartwheels. Though, now my head has joined in the fun. And I’m exhausted. I slept for some 15 hours. I feel like I could go right back to sleep now. I won’t. I’ll write this dreary post instead. Then probably play some Playstation. Then eat stuff that won’t help. Have a glass of scotch. You know, really kick this thing in the ass.

I won’t take any medications either. I just don’t like to. I’ll admit I have when the pain is preventing me from sleeping and I’m eventually annoyed enough to throw one panadeine down my gullet and have a kipper. But that’s rare. I’m much more likely to refuse any medical advise and just let the body sort itself out. That’s what it does. And it strengthens it in the process.

I always assumed that’s what the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” was in reference to. And then people applied that to emotional strength and all the like. But in actuality it stems from a Friedrich Nietzsche quote. And as I understand it, his intention was philosophical and directed at emotional strength. That surprised me, because to me it makes more sense to apply it to the cellular level. But hey, either way.

I was going to type more, but this headache is really getting the better of me. For now, I shall go get that pizza I promised in the last post, and return shortly in more of a party mood. Later, blog-party people!


The Nutshell

Now that the official welcome is done and you are, I assume, making yourself comfortable on the couch with a glass of punch, we can all relax and get to know each other a little better. Enjoy the party! Because that’s basically what’s going on here. It’s a blog party. I’m your host. If something’s missing, let me know, I’ll fix it. I aim to please. I am a very considerate host. But I’m also a vacant-minded one at times. Things slip me by. Often.

Okay, where was I? Oh, right. I was going to explain my blog title. I’ll do it here and then I don’t have to bang on about it in future posts.

I was craving a creative outlet. Well, some kind of outlet. I just needed a type-randomly outlet and figured this blog thing could work. So then I spent a little time trying to come up with an idea for a blog theme. They’re supposed to have themes, aren’t they? Like a film review blog, or a cooking blog, or a travel blog, or something like that. Well anyway, I decided I didn’t really have a niche. I decided I would just incorporate a little bit of everything. Whatever found its way into my brain. So, essentially, I decided that this blog would be about nothing. It is basically the Seinfeld of blogs. It is influenced by whimsy, eclecticism and anything that sparks my mind while I’m near a computer. So, deciding that, I figured combining the two basic elements of what I wanted to do, and what really describes me would be the way to go.

Whimsical: Of excessively playful expression. Pursuing an odd or fanciful notion. Erratic. Unpredictable.

Eclecticist: One who does not follow any one system. Combining favourite parts of all options.

So, that’s me in a nutshell. The whimsical eclecticist. And really what the aim for the blog is. Just me being me. I’ll try to entertain, to inform perhaps, and ultimately to share what it is to think like I think and be me. And we’ll hopefully get to know one another. Or at the very least, you’ll get to know me. And shortly, after all these introductory posts, I promise, there will be content.

So you enjoy that punch, and I’ll enjoy that punch, and I’ll open up a little and tell you things you’ll never be able to unhear. For this party is just getting started. I’m gonna go order the pizza. Hold tight!





That’s not it, I promise you. Far, far from being it. It hasn’t even begun. Well, technically it has. It began the moment I typed that first word of this first post of my not-so-first blog. Or perhaps you could even say it began once the notion of concocting a blog arose in my mind. Not that I haven’t blogged before. You see, I have blogged previously. Not lately, however. And I am well overdue for a comeback. You don’t know this. I mean, how could you? You don’t even know who I am… Yet. And for those who do, you’re probably still unsure as to what goes on inside this mind of mine, or how in the name of Zeus it actually works. It is after all the mind of whimsy and eclecticism. Hence, the title of this blog. But you shall learn more about how my mind works as you follow me on this blogging journey of mine.


Speaking of this journey, I suppose I should provide some details about what you can expect:

– Whimsy

– Eclecticism

– Randomness

– My thought processes in great (rambling) detail

– A little bit of everything

– Dot point lists

– The repetition of ideals and notions as to portray a point, albeit in slightly different forms

– Excessively playful expression (i.e. whimsy)


My post lengths will vary. I will attempt one a day. I will occasionally make sense, I will occasionally not. There may be a lot in between. Some posts will detail a specific topic. Many will cover whatever pops up and I am incredibly likely to pursue a tangent shall it arise. Most shall be improvised.

Okay, you’ve probably got the point. You probably got it a while back. You’re probably wondering why you kept reading nonetheless. You’ll get used to that. But for now, I shall say adieu.


Oh, and welcome to my blog/mind. I hope you enjoy your stay. Do try the punch. Don’t eat the crab dip! But definitely check out the next post. Yes, I’m allowed two on my first day. This one doesn’t count.


– The Whimsical Eclecticist