That’s not it, I promise you. Far, far from being it. It hasn’t even begun. Well, technically it has. It began the moment I typed that first word of this first post of my not-so-first blog. Or perhaps you could even say it began once the notion of concocting a blog arose in my mind. Not that I haven’t blogged before. You see, I have blogged previously. Not lately, however. And I am well overdue for a comeback. You don’t know this. I mean, how could you? You don’t even know who I am… Yet. And for those who do, you’re probably still unsure as to what goes on inside this mind of mine, or how in the name of Zeus it actually works. It is after all the mind of whimsy and eclecticism. Hence, the title of this blog. But you shall learn more about how my mind works as you follow me on this blogging journey of mine.


Speaking of this journey, I suppose I should provide some details about what you can expect:

– Whimsy

– Eclecticism

– Randomness

– My thought processes in great (rambling) detail

– A little bit of everything

– Dot point lists

– The repetition of ideals and notions as to portray a point, albeit in slightly different forms

– Excessively playful expression (i.e. whimsy)


My post lengths will vary. I will attempt one a day. I will occasionally make sense, I will occasionally not. There may be a lot in between. Some posts will detail a specific topic. Many will cover whatever pops up and I am incredibly likely to pursue a tangent shall it arise. Most shall be improvised.

Okay, you’ve probably got the point. You probably got it a while back. You’re probably wondering why you kept reading nonetheless. You’ll get used to that. But for now, I shall say adieu.


Oh, and welcome to my blog/mind. I hope you enjoy your stay. Do try the punch. Don’t eat the crab dip! But definitely check out the next post. Yes, I’m allowed two on my first day. This one doesn’t count.


– The Whimsical Eclecticist


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