My Oddest Dream For Some Time

I have quite a lot of very random and odd dreams.

I enjoy a good random dream. The more random the better.

Last night I had one of the oddest dreams I’ve had for a while. Which was cool. It was especially strange due to how vivid and necessarily detailed it was. I mean, there were links made that make the thing seem like it was pre-written, not just a random collection of thoughts. You’ll know what I mean, especially come the last part of the dream.

I haven’t had a dream quite so bizarre, since myself and Miley Cyrus found a Transformer in an abandoned house and fought an invading army with it.

But, this morning I awake with utter confusion.

Let it be known that I did not recognize anyone from this dream. Usually the faces are familiar, or  they are even people I know very well. This time, I couldn’t possibly tell you who they were, despite their characters being very vivid.

Okay, Let us begin from the start…


My gay flatmate came to me asking for a favor. For the record, I do not have a gay flatmate. My housemate is straight, and there was absolutely no resemblance between the two. Also, I did not recognize the flat we were in.

So, my gay flatmate says that an old friend from school is visiting and he and his partner are having dinner with this visitor. He begs me to join them in support at the dinner. Why they need me I’ve no idea, but that’s the way it went. So, of course, I agreed to help in any way I could, and promised to attend the dinner.

Now it’s the next scene and I’m in the middle of an orgy with three chicks and another guy. Don’t ask why, we never got into that. It was just happening. But this time I do recognize the bedroom as one from the house I grew up in. I still don’t recognize any people.

After the orgy, the other guy and I get into a fight. I don’t know why, but I got the feeling that maybe I wasn’t sharing. He attacks me with one of those BBQ torch lighter things. Why that was present is an absolute mystery. I win the bout though and leave in disgust. The girls wave goodbye. The guy, does not.

I arrive back at the flat, which now looks like the lounge room from the house I grew up in. Odd. My housemate and his partner are there, and they’re very somber. I missed the dinner.

I know. What a douche. I agree with you completely.

They ask why I stood them up. I apologized and very cleverly told them, “I was tied up at an orgy… Literally.” They agree that was a wonderful play on words, but a horrible excuse.

They forgive me anyway and we all get a little emotional. I remember weeping and hugging. From all three of us. Not all at once though. Get the orgy off your brain.

So we make up and I ask them how dinner went. They tell me it actually went well. Now I’m slightly confused as to why they were so emotional about my absence. But I’m glad, as well as happy and relieved for them.

Anyway, myself and my housemate go outside to talk. The song ‘Fire‘ by Kasabian starts playing. I heard it in my dream. Hearing music in dreams is rare. At least for me. But I could hear the chorus – “I’m on fire. I’m on fiiiiiiiiiire!”

So we start talking with the song in the background. In the window I can see bright yellow light reflections. I’m confused. I remember saying, “That’s weird. What the hell is all that?” He doesn’t know what I’m talking about for a moment. Then, he very calmly states…

“Your jacket is on fire.”

Sure enough, I take my jacket off and the bottom third is missing, while the fire is spreading. The song grows louder. I think back to the fight with the guy with the lighter and curse him.


Then I wake up.

If any of you out there are dream interpreters… Help a brother out?


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