The Celebrity Crush: An Analysis

What is the fascination with celebrities and how come we develop these little celebrity crushes?

Well, I think it appeals to us the same way fantasizing or day-dreaming about anything else does. A fantasy can’t be tarnished. It is absolutely up to us as to what that consists of. And celebrities are an obvious choice for fantasy because we know the likelihood of ever meeting that person and ruining the ‘ideal’ is extremely minimal.

It’s safe to fantasize.

Our celebrity fantasy won’t hurt us. Won’t disappoint us. There’s really no risk of falling out of favour. And if you do, no-one gets hurt. It’s the safest relationship you’ll ever imagine.

My head is struggling today to organize thoughts, so that’s probably as much analytic thought as you’ll get out of me for now. So I’ll move on to reveal that I have a slight celebrity crush myself. I cannot watch a movie of hers without swooning. She’s a very talented actress.

Sophia Bush


And then there’s Twitter, which just fuels this desire or accessibility to crush on celebrities. I think there’s good and bad there.

But back to Sophia. If you follow Sophia’s Twitter, you’ll know she’s not only gorgeous, but also incredibly talented, funny, interesting, intelligent, and the list goes on. She’s a great actress too. Fantastic at her craft. Still, it’s unclear to me as to how we end up admiring a particular celebrity as opposed to any others. I’m not sure if they are necessarily the type of men or women we would be drawn to in reality. Perhaps though, they are a broad example of the ‘type’ of person you find appealing. Perhaps there’s something about how they conduct themselves or interact with others that speaks to your inner self.

Perhaps, it is just a case of too much television.


Who is your celebrity crush?


7 thoughts on “The Celebrity Crush: An Analysis

    • Wow, thanks! The feeling is mutual on the blog thing. I’ve found yours to be a fantastic read.
      Haha, I loved your Dark Helmet post. Don’t know if I fully understand the crush, but I suppose we all want someone who makes us laugh. Haha.

  1. Oh my gosh! Sophia Bush is my all time female crush. She is so stunning and her voice and the way she moves her mouth. Can’t believe she is not more well known.

    My ultimate crush is Adam Levine. I can’t watch him without getting cold from constant chills. Sexiest man alive and awesome performer. Unfortunately I hear he is a jerk but hey, exactly why he is a fantasy!

    • I saw that in your last post! It was almost like reading the blog of a female version of myself. Haha. Sophia is so dreamy. And she definitely deserves to be a huge star. We’ll make it happen!

      Ahh, Mr Maroon 5. Nice answer! And well said, exactly the ‘fantasy’ point I was talking about. Thanks heaps for the comment! Keep up the great work with your awesome blog!

  2. Dolph. Lundgren.

    These two words have the ability to still make me feel giddy, 25 years after I fell in love with his Swedish godliness in ‘Masters Of The Universe.’ The most beautiful man ever created.

  3. Haha! You really weren’t kidding. The Dolph! That is a fantastic answer. I can understand that. 1. He is damn cool. 2. He is built like a brick shithouse. He is an absolute unit. Thanks for chiming in! It’s interesting hearing people’s takes.

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