Time To Practice What I Preach

I just read a very inspirational post describing the reaction people have when the writer tells them she wishes to be an artist. You know, the classic “Oh that’s far too hard, you’ll never make it.”

And she raised the questioned, exactly what is ‘making it’?

Is earning money the definition of ‘making it’?

If you asked me ten years ago I’d have told you a definitive, “No. ‘Making it’ in this life is not related to money.” If you asked me today, I would have the exact same answer.

So, why is it, that in those ten years I have continued with study and jobs that have not fed my soul, and attempted to begin careers that fit in the same depressing category? Magnificent question. Why am I just asking it of myself now? No idea. Perhaps I am finally connecting with myself. It’s about time I guess.

If you ask me, you do not fail at this life by neglecting to earn money or collect material wealth. You fail at this life by not being 100% true to yourself.

So, why, knowing the difference, do I continue to pursue a path to self-defined failure?

Another, scary, yet magnificent question.

I suppose it is about damn time I begin to practice what I preach, and be 100% true only to myself. Typical expectations be damned. At this point, by pursuing those, I am only failing myself. And that won’t do.


Are you being true to yourself?


2 thoughts on “Time To Practice What I Preach

  1. So… what would being “true to yourself” mean for you? I read the post hoping to find out.

    To answer the question you posed in your post: Yes, I am being as true to myself as I can. That’s why I studied art in school, write every day, and work as an entrepreneur. I was always trying to find that “truth”. Now that I’ve found it, I’m figuring out how to offer what I have to the world on a larger scale.

    Out of curiosity, have you read Mastery by Robert Greene? I think you’d love it if you haven’t.

  2. Lara, I’m very glad to hear your response, and thanks for commenting. Definitely sounds to me as though you are living as true to yourself as possible. 🙂 You also raise an interesting point I think. Only half the battle is discovering what it means to be ‘true’ to yourself. The other half is then working out how to express that truth.

    To be true to ourselves, I think we need to discover what makes us unique, accept all those traits and what makes us us, and share the complete us with the World. I am still in the discovering stage. Not that I am completely unaware. I feel as though I know largely what it is to be me. But there are gaps in the knowledge. The accepting part I find easier the more aware I become. The sharing I certainly have a long way to go with. This blog is I suppose, my attempt at furthering myself with all three stages.

    I have known for a long time, but only just began to accept, that expressing myself through writing is a big part of who I am. It always has been, but I have neglected myself of any real opportunity for the most part. That neglect needs to end now.

    It is only the beginning though. I could probably go on and on, but for fear of boring you and any other readers, and writing far too much here, I should probably call it off there. For now, anyhows.

    Oh, and I have never read Mastery by Robert Greene. I did just Google it though, and it looks like something I should really get my hands on. A huge thank you for the suggestion!!

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