Seeking: One Inner-Compass

I haven’t been home in four days. I’ve been wandering.

Some people won’t be surprised by this. When my head feels it needs to wander, my body tends to follow. There has been an unusual amount of thought traffic floating through this mind of mine lately. Even moreso than usual. Which is a scary amount. I’m going through a lot of soul-searching and that kind of thing. It was long overdue in a way. And while it is rather simple mulling thoughts over and over in my head, arriving to real conclusions with them is quite difficult.

I feel as though I need to go on some form of sabbatical.

However, what I hope to achieve I’m not 100% sure. Perhaps a little bit of perspective. Direction. Who knows. Maybe I’m hoping the answers would just come to me.

Anybody have an soul-searching tips?

How have you found direction in your life?


7 thoughts on “Seeking: One Inner-Compass

  1. “”Let the next period be called ‘The Luminous,’ and thus let us build it. Let us courageously turn the steeds into the haze of the desert. The experience of homeless wandering must be lived through. In like manner have walked all Seekers.”

  2. Find your inner voice and really listen to it but above all be true to yourself. It’s ok to be afraid so do’t let that stop you doing things that feel different, if it feels right then it is right.

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