A Pinch of Me

This shall be my first attempt at one of the weekly writing challenges offered by the WordPress Daily Post. For this, we are to provide a recipe of ourselves. A brief look at the ingredients that make us up. So, what’s on the menu tonight? Well, it’s me!

A Recipe for Disaster


2 Tablespoons humility

1 Cup whimsy

6’4″ of Height

3 Teaspoons kindness

1/4 Cup eclecticism

1 1/2 Pounds friendliness

1 Packet loyalty

7  Kg goofiness

2 Cups empathy

1 Dash of sarcasm

1/4 Cup OCD

200 g Playfulness


Combine in a trough and heat to summer temp. Sprinkle with loving friends and serve with good music. Goes well with a fine red.


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