My friend the inside joke

The Daily Prompt today is rather clean-cut.

You must complete the sentence: My closest friend is

Well, my closest friend is… a liability.

Okay, so that’s an inside joke. But in a way I suppose that simple gesture sums up a closest friend succinctly. I just informed my housemate, whom that is directed at, that I was writing that, and he lost his shit. He laughed that laugh that makes you think you could close up shop and become a comedian. Or at the very least run away and join the travelling circus.

I’m sure no-one else laughed, but to us, that little phrase means something. And there are numerous other phrases that could also be uttered to the same effect. We all share those little inside jokes with a few others. And it is those few that surely be considered our closest of friends. Because sharing is caring. And friendship, or any relationship, is built on caring. And with those people that you can, almost subliminally, share the subtlest of jokes and recognize the slightest of nuances, you cannot help but connect with and (sometimes beyond logic) care about.


9 thoughts on “My friend the inside joke

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  3. I have to friends who have the most epic inside joke ever. Unless you were lab partners with us in Intro to Biology you wouldn’t get it. If you were well, it’s rather hilarious.

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  7. Oh, I do know that laugh. That’s the laugh that means absolutely everything in the world. I remember reading George Burns’ autobiography. He was talking about his best friend, Jack Benny, and how he used to crack Benny up. And then he said “I would give anything in the world to hear that laugh one more time.” I thought that was the saddest sentence I ever read,

    • Oh, wow. That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing that. I understand completely what he meant, and think we are very privileged to be able to relate to that. That is eerily heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it. Particularly with such a meaningful and heartfelt comment.

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