Fat Albert would be proud

I told the worst joke the other day. The kind of joke you tell and then expect Fat Albert to pop out of nowhere and laugh that ridiculous laugh. For those not familiar with Fat Albert, he says horribly corny, or just plain bad, jokes such as: ‘You like school in July – No class!’

Yeah, I had one of those moments.

I don’t even remember how we got there. There was a discussion between my brother and some friends. My brother said something about him being neutral. Then he must have said something not so smart. Somehow we got the the point where my joke made sense… to me.

“You must have a pH of 14… ’cause you BASIC!”


Absolute silence.

Where was Fat Albert when I needed him?

I’m not proud of it. But it happened.


23 thoughts on “Fat Albert would be proud

      • You’re not going to believe this, but literally just as I’d finished writing this comment he looked at me and said ‘That’s shallot’ (we’re watching a cookery programme) as the chef was chopping them, as in ‘that’s your lot’ because the programme was ending… FFS.

        It’s a good job he’s cute…

      • I don’t know how to tell you this, but I think he may be a… GENIUS!

        Hahaha. Seriously, you cannot teach nor buy comedy like that. Trust me, I’ve inquired.

      • Melbourne.

        Maybe that nice lady was right… I should really do something more with my ‘About’ page. I neglect to realize that people may wonder things about me from time to time. I should be more accessible perhaps. Hmmm…

        Where are you guys?

      • England. I asked because you said ‘grand’ and that’s something that people from Manchester, northern England would say, which is where I’m from… Makes sense if you’re an Aussie though – there’s lots if similarities.

  1. Ah, yes. Perfect sense. Mum’s side of the family are from England. In fact, she grew up in Manchester. So there you go. I must have gotten it from her. You pretty much picked it!

    • And now you’ve made my day! Thanks and I’m glad you appreciated it. Humor is very hit and miss, so it’s nice when you find people on the same wavelength as yourself. And right on, that IS what matters. As long as you’re laughing, it doesn’t particularly matter how or why.

  2. I smiled. Had I been there, I probably would’ve laughed. No, definitely would’ve laughed. Would’ve laughed here, but I’m currently in a library…

    • Ugh… libraries and their ‘no laugh’ policies.
      Thank you! I appreciate that sentiment. Glad you got a smile out of it at the very least. Was definitely worth embarrassing myself now. I need you there for the next time my head thinks it has found a funny!

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