There’s no ‘I’ in Success


My answer to today’s Daily Prompt is a photograph of ‘success’.

To me, success comes in many forms. It is a very personal thing. Everyone will define it differently. This photograph is just one from the end of a day when I was feeling particularly successful. There’s a short story in it… I may as well share.

Some friends decided they would enter a team into the Etiko Futsal Cup. A futsal tournament played twice a year in inner-city Melbourne. For those not in the loop, futsal is basically soccer on basketball/tennis sized courts. It’s 5-a-side. 4 and a keeper. I was asked to play. They needed a goalkeeper. Everyone always does. no-one wants that gig. What a crap job. Anyway, they asked me. I had played against them a bunch of times. Don’t think I’d played with them before that. I was keen to get the chance. These guys are terrific players.

So anyways, it’s a 30+ degree (Celsius) day and we kicked off at 9am or thereabouts. It finished about 10 or so that night. Long day. In the full sun. Hence my sunburn in the pic. I wasn’t feeling that though. Not at that point. Fairly sure I felt it the next day.

We managed to get through our group stages. Then we won the quarterfinals. Then the semi-finals. We were cruising. We were in fine form. I’d not let more than a single goal in each game. Then came the final. The sun must have been getting to me. Yeah, I’m sure that was it. We went down 2-0 in the first half.

With a late surge in the second half, we clawed back and it finished 2-2. Extra time proved useless. No score there. We entered a penalty shootout for the tournament. I was… nervous. To say the least.

I conceded my first 2 shots. Woops. Decided I should pull my finger out. I saved the last 3. My teammates scored 3. We had won the shootout 3-2. We had won the tournament. Thank the heavens… I needed a drink.

So there’s this photo of me, after a full day of keeping. And boy am I relieved. Not only did we win the Cup, but I was awarded player of the tournament. There were better options. All of my teammates, for example. The guys that kicked two goals in the last few minutes to force the shootout. But I was feeling successful nonetheless. And that day will stay with me forever. Hopefully one day I’ll get to play with them again. Thanks team!


9 thoughts on “There’s no ‘I’ in Success

  1. I love the way you have written this: it is tense and stark, the way I imagine you were, playing in the heat. Great stuff. Alienora

    • Thanks Alienora! I was very tense, no doubt. And obvious by that photo, completely knackered. Think I slept well that night. Appreciate the comment. 🙂

  2. No on wants to be the parent of the keeper either. My 8yo is really leaning toward being a goalie in hockey and I’m trying to do everything to talk him out of it. He also loves being the keeper is soccer. Sooo stressful! Yeah, it’s the whole team’s fault if they lose, yada yada, but everyone remembers the goals that got in.

    That is a great story and superbly written. Great tension and suspense. I was so worried for you! Not only playing goal, but having to do it on a hot tennis court. (I have spent many a long day on a boiling hot Melbourne tennis court!) How big was the goal? I hope you didn’t have to do any diving!

    • Oh that is fantastic! Good on him for stepping between the pipes. What a warrior. I do feel for you though. I know the mental pressure goalkeeping puts on you. And obviously as mum being with him before and after the games, you are aware of it also. I’m 29 and mum still hates being the parent of a goalkeeper because when I visit I’m always injured. Poor mum. She gives me the same look every time. I’m glad I’ve done it though. And if your son is that keen, he’ll be glad he does it too in the long run.

      And let him know… he may remember the ones that go in, but his teammates will only remember the big ones he saves.

      And they’ll remind him of them in the future. Goalkeeping is rough on the day, but you only remember the best of your efforts in the long run.

      And thank you for the kind words! The goal was basically an indoor soccer goal. Smaller than outdoor goals. If you have ever seen the handball at the Olympics, I believe their nets are pretty similar. And I’m always the biggest diver on the court. I work far harder than I need to. Haha. But that’s my own fault.

  3. Take the feeling! You obviously earned it. You can be modest; others felt differently. A well deserved drink, I surmise and a clever response to the daily prompt challenge. Perhaps, next time, some sun screen? 🙂

    • Thanks Eric! I’ll take it. Haha, thanks for the tip. For someone who burns as easily as i do, you’d think i might remember the sunscreen once in a while.

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