Weekly Writing Challenge: Reel Talk – Luther

This week’s Weekly Writing Challenge: Reel Talk asks us to incorporate a bit of cinema into our post. Well, if I can work out how, I will do just that.

This video (if I don’t fudge it up) is a trailer for the amazing TV mini-series, “Luther”. What a fantastic show it is. Being a definite fan of Idris Elba, I was extremely interested in watching this show. I don’t watch a lot of detective shows. But I just knew I’d like this. And I do. It’s very different to other cop shows. It takes risks others would not dare, and I think these risks pay off. All the performances are brilliant. I am enthralled every single second. I just finished watching the first two seasons today. Smashed them out in 4 days. I can go about finishing my assignment for Friday now.

I simply became hooked. And I want to watch it all again, right now. Particularly the first season. SO good. I highly recommend it. There are some pretty sinister themes in there, but if you can get through the squeamish bits, the show is magnificent.

So, my video post is basically a ‘two thumbs up’ review for the detective television mini-series that is “Luther”. Enjoy the trailer…


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