The least useful audio tape ever

In the bathrooms of my ‘regular’ pub, instead of music over the speakers, they play a selection of ‘learn to speak’ audio tapes of a variety of languages. It’s incredibly random. You’ll get no argument from me. But, I like different, and that certainly fits the bill.

The place is called the Asian Beer Cafe. So it’s all part of the theme. It’s a fantastic joint. I claim it as my ‘regular’ because I end up there after class most days. It is basically across the road from where I study. Fantastic prices on drinks and food, so it’s perfect for us Uni students.

Now, I’m listening to the tape. I am not sure what language they are translating. Sounds Chinese, but I don’t know any Chinese, so I couldn’t be sure. The first few phrases made enough sense…

‘I am as tall as you.’

‘That bus is as big as that one.’

I had to do a double take when they got to the third…

‘My hepatitis is as big as yours.’

Um… what?

Did I hear that right? I can’t be sure. But let’s hope I never have to learn that phrase.