Origin Story – Why This Blog?

I hardly remember why I started my blog. And it was only recently. I don’t think there was one particular reason.

It was about writing.

It was about exploring thought.

It was about allowing me to be me, and in a way, connecting with my inner self in a way I cannot do through thought alone.

It was about having some fun and connecting with other bloggers.

And it is still about all those things. Maybe more about sharing ideas and thought with other people even moreso than originally.

Ultimately, I’m just having fun with it. I’m placing no expectations on the blog. There are no ambitions here. You often will not find rhyme or reason. For me, there doesn’t need to be. If it feels right, do it. That is the attitude I have adopted with this blog. “Whatever happens, happens, man!”

I feel very honored to have anybody at all reading this thing. The fact that genuinely kind and brilliant people have been commenting and connecting with me here is absolutely soul-warming. A sincere and HUGE thank you to you all. Hopefully you get something – who knows what, but something – out of this blog of mine. That alone makes it worth sticking with. So, thank you.

The Daily Prompt link: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/02/daily-prompt-beginnings/