Fresh Socks!

I went clothes shopping today. Briefly. It’s not something I like to take my time over. If you send me to a DVD or music store, do not wait up. I’ll see you in a week. But send me clothes shopping? Then I’m efficient! The most efficient person on the planet, I dare say.

Today I was in and out in about 6 minutes. Why 6? Because I think it was under 10 and if I said 5 that would seem too orchestrated. 6 sounds legit. We’ll go with 6.

Either way, I wasn’t hanging around. One store, one shirt, one hoodie, 3 pairs of socks. 6 minutes (give or take). That’s efficiency. The best part? Fresh socks! Is there anything better?


Photo credit: UNION


9 thoughts on “Fresh Socks!

  1. Haha! Fabulous, as always. I shop in exactly the same way – if I have to buy clothes I normally know what I want, what size I need and I’m done in ten minutes. However, I can quite easily spend several hours in HMV…

  2. Bookstores and music stores do that for me, too. There’s a tiny place in my neighbourhood that sells nothing but jazz – I’ve been known to disappear in there for days. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sigh. I’m envious. I’m beginning to dislike shopping, as I have to walk around the entire store for 15 minutes to find one thing that I like. And then the lines to try them on are always endless. At which point, I walk out of the store, having wasted fifteen minutes and gaining nothing.

    • It can be a bit of a chore sometimes. Especially when it’s busy. If I have to queue up, you can forget about it. Haha. I can’t believe you have lines just to try stuff on. That’s pretty rare here. I feel for you!

  4. I wish this is the way it worked for me. My husband can be in and out with whatever he needs in 6 minutes. I think it’s an impressive skill and you all should be given a medal or something. I’ve come to the point in my life where I avoid clothes shopping until it’s absolutely necessary. Is that “old age?” I’ve no idea.

    • I don’t think that’s “old age”, I think it’s “can’t be bothered finding the patience”. But that same reason is why your hubby or myself get ours done in 6 minutes. We can’t be arsed either!

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