I posted a what?

Most of my posts have nothing printed above the title. Two have “~Video~” posted there. I just posted one that says “~Aside~”. Um… how did I achieve this? Anyone know? It certainly wasn’t a conscious decision. I couldn’t do it again if I wanted to. I wasn’t even aware I had done anything different to usual. At least when I was making the video posts I was aware of it!

I have never been too good with technology. Okay, let me rephrase that for truth…

I have always been bat-shit useless when it comes to technology.

I once turned off a computer mid-presentation in a Uni assignment… by clicking the mouse once to advance to the next frame. Do not ask me how.

Someone once told me the technology gods hate me. They may be onto something.


Picture courtesy of Jineg.


9 thoughts on “I posted a what?

  1. Those same techno-gremlins haunt me, incessantly. As for how these mysteries manifest, perhaps WordPress has a feature similar to auto-correct with smartphones. It just does what it wants, when and where it chooses. Or…maybe it just likes to tweak bat-shit useless Aussies. (Your words, not mine.) πŸ™‚ Love your honest humor!

    • Haha,, perhaps it does! That auto-correct, oh man, I turn mine off. I refuse to use it. Cannot cope.
      Thanks again! For the complement, not for implying that my words of ‘bat-shit useless’ are accurate. Haha Good luck with your techno-gremlins. I like that term by the way.

  2. Teeheeheee! Sympathetic wry laughter! I have yet to get to the bottom of pingbacks, link connections, er getting myself seen on the forums – you name it, I have failed to understand it!!! Chronological age: 55; technological age: foetus! I tell you, EJ, you are a veritable card-carrying genius – the Einstein of technology – in comparison! Ali

    • I feel ya! I’ve sussed out pingbacks and links, but… there are forums?
      Haha! I just had a strange image of a foetus using a computer. That was odd. Funny though.

  3. Haha! Oh, EJ, I am proud to say that I can be helpful here! Only because I’ve done this before and searched WordPress for the answer only to find it accidentally months later. (I’m a genius when it comes to technology, obviously.)
    This is how mine worked: If you edit your post, you’ll see on the right hand side of the page a “Publish” box and below that a “Format” box. In the “Format” box, you can click on the the bubble next to “Standard” to get ride of that “Aside” nonsense. Then click “Update” and you should be good to go.
    I must confess, when I figured this out I was elated. It had been bugging me for MONTHS! Haha. Hope that helps. If not, let me know and I can send you some screen shots of what my Edit screen looks like in case yours is different.

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