I Am No Vagabond… Yet

Money problems. The bane of my existence.

To me, financial problems really are the most annoying. Not in their nature, but simply in the fact that they exist. I suppose I could be (and have been) labeled as somewhat of a Hippie/Bohemian type, who prefers to place value elsewhere. But, as stubborn as I may be, I am not completely unrealistic. Only slightly…


Long-term financial well-being is not something I have ever granted much thought. Foolishly, perhaps, but nevertheless the fact remains. And it is catching up. Not that I will allow it to deter me from my current path or from obtaining my sought-after hopes and dreams. But still, it is annoying and present. It slows us down. Like a monkey on the back. A fat, greedy monkey. And the selfish little bastard won’t let go because he knows you have no choice but to continue carrying him.


Picture Credit: Van Jazmin

Anyways, it became apparent just how broke I am today. Not that I was not really aware, but, you know, there was a particular occurrence that helped humble me. (Seems to be a lot of those lately. Do I really need that much cutting down?)

I was searching for apartments. My flatmate and I are fleeing this place, and in the instance that we cannot afford to flee together, I must be well-read in my solo options.

Now, perhaps you have heard the popular joke; ‘you know you’re broke when you think of a lottery ticket as in investment.’

But, I was not Googling jokes. I was inquiring about apartments. And I realized, you really know you’re broke when you search apartments within your budget and car-park spaces for rent keep popping up.

But thankfully, I may not have to move into a car-park. We have possibly found a way to get by. And I know it’ll all be fine. After all, you know what they say about, um, bank accounts… it isn’t the size that matters, it’s how you use it!