What Makes Me Funky?

I’m bored and lazy today. There may be a few posts coming up. If I can work out what to say.

I haven’t gotten out of bed yet. It’s 1pm. I’ve been sitting here on the computer for three hours. Having one of those days. Not that I have much to do, so it’s okay. I can afford to take a ‘me day’ today.

I’m so bored I have completed a couple of those online quiz things. You’ll see what I mean when I post the results. Basically, you just answer questions and it tells you something about yourself… supposedly. It’s all just a bit of bored fun.

I don’t read into them too much, but some give you more than others. I just did one called ‘What makes you funky?’ I liked the answer I got, so I shall post it below.

I found it interesting that it used the word ‘whimsical’, given my blog title and how I feel about it. And it also used the word ‘levity’, which is a favourite of Eric’s to use in reference of myself.

It also suggests I would ‘make a great writer’, so naturally I found it to be legit. Or at least willed it to be.

Anyway, it decided that what makes me funky, is my imagination. Okay, if you say so!

(Bollocks to it. It won’t let me post the thing properly, so you’ve just got it in text form below.)

You have an unique and whimsical way of looking at the world. And you aren’t going to reign it in to be normal. You see every color as more vivid, every fun surprise as more animated. You find so much delightful. It’s likely that you are a delight to others.

You bring a little cheer and levity to the most boring of days. You think it’s a shame to be too normal, and you don’t mind that you’re a little offbeat. You embrace it and go with it!

You would make a great writer or illustrator – especially for children or the young at heart. You can create whole worlds in your mind. Worlds that are as detailed, rich, and beautiful as the one we live in!


Music That Makes Me, Me

I have decided, with a friendly push from blogging superstar Kaela, to begin a segment where I share a favourite song of mine. I’ll post them here and there when it takes my fancy. Which may be often, because I live for music.

I thought it would make sense to start with a song from my favourite band, Dave Matthews Band. If you want a bit of an origin story to where it all started, check out an old post of mine, here.

This is ‘Crush‘ by Dave Matthews Band…

Winning Is For Those With Something To Prove

I have been thrown some very humbling experiences lately. It’s becoming a trend. Mostly through interaction with others. Last night, it happened again.

Some background for this story… there’s a futsal (indoor soccer) tournament Friday night. You all know I’m a goalkeeper, right? Well, some did. Now you all do. I’m not horrible. I haven’t played in a couple months though, because I did my back (soccer related) and felt I needed some good rest. So I’m probably rusty. And the reliability of my back is basically unknown.

Well, the back feels good. Not perfect, but good. And while I don’t want to jump back into the league right now and play every week, a one-off tournament won’t kill me.

So, when I heard about this tournament, I kept my feelers out. I was arrogant enough to think I could just pop up a couple days beforehand and jump onto a team. This is despite all the teams having committed by last week.

Now, the Ladies’ section of the tournament was cancelled. Too many teams sustained injury problems and this and that happened. But the one team still keen to play was offered a spot in the Men’s section. They were unsure. They didn’t have an official goalkeeper. And they’re friends of mine. Well, I thought they were. So, gentleman that I am, I offered to  keep for them. But they weren’t sure on that, either.

They decided to play. They decided to take a vote on whether to use me in goals.

I was voted out.

Ouch. I’m feeling like the kid who gets picked last for the basketball team at school.

They’re playing without a keeper. This means they would rather rotate players through goals than use me as a permanent keeper. That shit hurts, ladies. Really. That’s some cold shit.

But it isn’t all sad news, folks. Today is another day, and that apparently does mean something.

I had offers today to join three different bloke’s teams.

I suppose they found out I was fit to play. Well, now I don’t know who to play for.

But I did half-committed to a team, so I guess I’ll end up playing with them. It would be rude not to. They got in before the others, and at that point I was feeling like no-one else would want me. They’ll be fun, too. Mostly. My flatmate is on that team, and I know we’ll have a laugh. But they’re not the strongest team to offer me a spot. So it depends if I want to win or not.

Meh. Winning is for people who have something to prove.



That might be me…