Music That Makes Me, Me

I have decided, with a friendly push from blogging superstar Kaela, to begin a segment where I share a favourite song of mine. I’ll post them here and there when it takes my fancy. Which may be often, because I live for music.

I thought it would make sense to start with a song from my favourite band, Dave Matthews Band. If you want a bit of an origin story to where it all started, check out an old post of mine, here.

This is ‘Crush‘ by Dave Matthews Band…


17 thoughts on “Music That Makes Me, Me

      • Haha… uh… no!
        No of course not. I meant throw up a post, like, with your arm. Like a baseball throw. Sorry pitch.

        Kaela, I hope you pitch a post to us involving music…
        And feel 100% healthy.

      • Don’t mean to leave Kaela out of the exchange here. I know she’ll soon chime in (those Kansas folk are early risers). Of course, I knew what you meant. Just figured I’d rattle your cage. 🙂 But what’s really got me stoked is that you’re using baseball parlance. There’s hope yet! And yes, it would be good to learn more about her musical tastes, too.

  1. Okay, just for the record I lived in Virginia between 1989/1998. DMB formed in Charlottesville in ’91. You have spectacular taste in music and you’ve only shared one group. If you next list The Boss, I’m going to send you that trophy case even sooner! 🙂 Eddie Vedder will also earn you bonus points. Looking forward to your disclosures. Good idea from Kaela.

    • Oh, fantastic! I would’ve been all over the touring scene had I been there at that point. Or, at any point, really. I do like Springsteen and Vedder, so I’m digging your musical tastes too! Eddie Vedder is one of my brother’s absolute favourites.

  2. I’m supposed to be sleeping, but: Dave Matthews is all kinds of amazing. So multi-talented – not sure if you’ve ever seen it, but he was on an early episode of the show “House MD”. He was wonderful. He played a musical savant, and he and Hugh Laurie played the piano together, and my head exploded from happiness.

    • Yeah he is! Every kind of amazing. I did see that episode actually. I tend to seek out everything he does. He was great in that, yeah, Terrific episode.
      Good luck with that sleep thing. What time you got over there? Only 5pm here, so I’m still cruising. Getting hungry though…

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