What Makes Me Funky?

I’m bored and lazy today. There may be a few posts coming up. If I can work out what to say.

I haven’t gotten out of bed yet. It’s 1pm. I’ve been sitting here on the computer for three hours. Having one of those days. Not that I have much to do, so it’s okay. I can afford to take a ‘me day’ today.

I’m so bored I have completed a couple of those online quiz things. You’ll see what I mean when I post the results. Basically, you just answer questions and it tells you something about yourself… supposedly. It’s all just a bit of bored fun.

I don’t read into them too much, but some give you more than others. I just did one called ‘What makes you funky?’ I liked the answer I got, so I shall post it below.

I found it interesting that it used the word ‘whimsical’, given my blog title and how I feel about it. And it also used the word ‘levity’, which is a favourite of Eric’s to use in reference of myself.

It also suggests I would ‘make a great writer’, so naturally I found it to be legit. Or at least willed it to be.

Anyway, it decided that what makes me funky, is my imagination. Okay, if you say so!

(Bollocks to it. It won’t let me post the thing properly, so you’ve just got it in text form below.)

You have an unique and whimsical way of looking at the world. And you aren’t going to reign it in to be normal. You see every color as more vivid, every fun surprise as more animated. You find so much delightful. It’s likely that you are a delight to others.

You bring a little cheer and levity to the most boring of days. You think it’s a shame to be too normal, and you don’t mind that you’re a little offbeat. You embrace it and go with it!

You would make a great writer or illustrator – especially for children or the young at heart. You can create whole worlds in your mind. Worlds that are as detailed, rich, and beautiful as the one we live in!


22 thoughts on “What Makes Me Funky?

  1. EJ, this is way better than a fortune cookie or daily horrorscope (yes, intentionally misspelled). While all I know of you is what you’ve shared via posts, I get a sense that this description might have some substance to it. Like the substantive you! True, one needs to take these results with a grain of salt, yet if patterns/qualities/traits emerge and begin to repeat, they’re often on to something. So the question that begs (at least to this omnicurious reader) is what’s the link to the quiz source that yielded these interesting findings? I’m all for a fun exercise tonight rather than typing tomorrow’s post! You do know that your posts *are* a delight, don’t you?

    • Haha, “horrorscope”. Ain’t that the truth.
      Well, it’s a basic test, but yeah it rings the right bells, so that’s interesting. I checked all the different results, just to see. The other option I may have selected also fit, and all but one of the options that I would not have picked, don’t fit me. So it does seem to have some merit to it.
      All you do is choose the image that you most connect with. This particular test wasn’t even question-based. Quick and easy, and surprisingly not too generic. Hopefully (for my reading pleasure’s sake) you can do this and still have time to write tomorrow’s post! Hehe. Here’s the link…

  2. Here I was feeling all productive today because I actually got up when my alarm went off and wasn’t a complete and total hot mess this morning … then I log on and see that you’ve already written 3 posts today. (Or is it already tomorrow where you are?) Point is, I’m impressed. And if you’re looking for an outlet of that excess material, I’m always recruiting guest posters for WBS …

    • I’m afraid I cheated the time-space continuum. It is already tomorrow already, and it was tomorrow yesterday when it was your today… yesterday.

      Yeah, that sounds right…

      Guest posters? Wow, that would be an honour. I’ll let you know if I ever come up with something worthy. I would want to be well prepared. I don’t mind making a mess of my blog, but if I had a guest appearance on yours I’d want it to have some form of quality. 🙂 Thanks, Amb, that’s a very nice gesture.

      • You sound just like Doctor Who! Stop it. You’re doing this to me on purpose. *swoon*

        Pfft. Quality, schmality. You’d be fine. But it’s a no strings, no pressure offer, truly. I enjoy having guests mix things up once in a while and I’m always looking for writers whose sensibilities mesh with mine, so there’s no expiration date on this one.

      • On purpose? Me? I can barely reverse the polarity of the neutron flow on purpose. Swoon-inducing does not factor into my purposeful skill set, I assure you. 😉

        Okay, I trust you. I’ll let you know the day I have the right post together. I want to come up with the perfect idea. Genius takes time (or, someone else’s mind altogether. I may reach that point).

      • LOL! The fact that it just comes naturally to you without even purposely working at it makes it even more impressive. Well played 😉

        Awesomesauce! (Also, you crack me up).

      • I’ll never sort the time difference out, so I guess you’ll have to. Haha. But it shall work out fine either way, because I’m a little bit nocturnal.

      • Oh, I hadn’t thought of that…
        No stress, we’ll work it out. Good point though, we can fill FB as much as we like. I was enjoying myself far too much to be concerned about space!

      • Hey, I could hang out here all day! I only asked because I know some blog formats cut off the comment threads after a while. But you know where to find me 🙂

  3. Whew… I’m so relieved after reading your post. When I read the title, I thought it was going to be about what makes you “funky” in the sense that it is used regularly in our household… “What’s the funky smell in the fridge?” or “Bath night, you boys are funky!”

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