Blog Foolosophy

I had a post here about tomorrow and the futsal tournament. I just scratched it. Upon review I felt it would be incredibly boring for anyone subjected to it that wasn’t me. And that is not how I want to roll.

I want to at least attempt to entertain. At least attempt to bring a smile to my readers’ faces. At least attempt to give you something to take away from this blog. I don’t mind what you take away, as long as it is something positive (… and not the TV. Please leave the TV where it is.)

I don’t mind if it is a smile, a laugh, a thought-provoker, a greater sense of self, a sense of enjoyment, a sense of connection, an idea… anything. Even if it puts you to sleep. That’s cool, because sleep is good for you.

However, I felt as though what I was typing previously portrayed absolutely none of what I want to achieve here, and would give most likely nothing to anybody.

So I scrapped it and explained myself and my blogging philosophy… kind of. Okay, let’s call it my Blog Foolosophy.Β And now I give you a Love Foolosophy. A song by one of my favourites, Jamiroquai. Something funky. Because I love everything and anything funky… and I love all of you!

Love Foolosophy by Jamiroquai


9 thoughts on “Blog Foolosophy

  1. You should have posted it – it’s your blog and I’m sure many of us (including myself) would have found it interesting because you’re interesting and you write very well…

    • Well thank you, that’s lovely. I appreciate that. I really do. I guess I was worried I can make too many posts about the same thing. I’m sure I’ll end up posting about the tournament tomorrow as well, after it’s all done with. Maybe I was overloading myself, even moreso than I may have been overloading everyone else. Haha

      • You shouldn’t worry about your subject matter. Later today I’ve got a post lined up about minions as superhero and movie characters. It’s silly, pointless and serves no purpose other than it makes me laugh. I look forward to reading about your tournament…

  2. Lovely thoughts here, and fear not, I won’t take your TV…well…actually…mines a bit old now…hmmm…no promises….;)
    Ah don’t worry, I’ll just take a pair of shoes? HEHEHEHEHE…
    In the short time (what’s it been, like a DAY?) I’ve known you and your blog, I can safely say that I have smiled. I’ve been entertained and have appreciated your posts.
    Good day, EJ (yes! BINGO! That rhymes!)
    PS I ❀ Jamiroquai

    • That’s sweet, thanks! I’m very glad to hear it. I can honestly say I’ve felt the same way about your blog. πŸ˜€
      Wait… what shoes?? I’m a size 12.5, you might swim in them. (I have no idea how sizes translate from here to there, just know that’s a decent sized foot, haha.) Appreciate you leaving the telly!
      Haha, it DOES rhyme. Okay, you win this round. And yeah, Jamiroquai is tops. Just a lot of fun.

      • 12.5. Wow. Put that into UK sizes and the closest I’ve got is my brother’s shoes…:) I’ll have to leave them then…*sob sob sniffle* as I’m a measly UK 7…
        You can keep your television…for now…MWAHAHAHA,…

    • Ha, awesome! I was gonna post this one myself, but then i discovered a Blog/Love Foolosophy connection option ans couldnt pass it up. I absolutely lo e Canned Heat, too! Thanks, its pumping me up for soccer as I write this. πŸ™‚

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