More Than Meets The Eye

I am a  Daily Prompt behind. But, I do want to respond to yesterday’s. So, I will. Rules be damned. I am a maverick, after all.

Yesterday’s prompt asked us to examine elements of our blog, and what it all tells us about ourselves.

At first glance, my Blog Theme tells me I like things simple.

It was suggested once that I use a different theme. I recognised this advice to be logically correct, and then chose not to change my theme. This tells me two things.

1. I am very loyal. Yes, even to inanimate blog themes. I have the ability to feel attachment to everything. I am more empathetic than I’d even care to mention.

2. I trust my instincts and intuition. Certainly beyond my logic, and most definitely beyond anyone else’s logic. I observed a long list of themes before deciding this one felt right. I am not going back on my gut.

Honestly though, to others my blog probably raises more questions than it answers. Akin to the short length of my posts, and brief “About’ description, I am a person that appreciates mystery and intrigue. And lives it.

I am perhaps afraid of being boring, and counter that with only giving as much of myself at one time as is required. If you hang around long enough, you’ll get all the necessary pieces of the puzzle. In hindsight it was probably a waste of your time. But, by then it is too late. Perhaps that is my ploy. Perhaps I am just needy.

Perhaps it’s not that. Perhaps I feel that all the pieces at once are confusing and appear as a jumbled mess. Perhaps I know that if the pieces are presented bit by bit, the puzzle-solver is avoided being overwhelmed with too much at once and is allowed the time to put it all together succinctly and accurately. Perhaps my only aim is for you to know the real me, and avoid a misunderstanding because I know that the real me, and not the rushed first-impression me, is actually worth knowing in its completeness. Perhaps I appreciate the concept of accessibility. Perhaps I am simply aware.

Perhaps I am the whole lot.

Perhaps there’s even more to me than that.


13 thoughts on “More Than Meets The Eye

  1. As someone who has a bit of the opposite approach to blogging (I tend to wear (write?) my heart on my sleeve – perhaps you’ve noticed? 😉 ) I found this to be a really interesting post. Loved getting inside of your head on this one, Mav.

  2. Compliment, compliment, nice words, etc.

    I’m a little late to the party and it seems that everyone has used up the adjectives. I checked my pockets and there are none there either.
    Anyway, you know I think you’re cool.

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