Operation Futsal Tournament is Over

I am back from the futsal tournament. I am tired. Sweet Odin’s Raven! It is 4:30am. Well, that explains it.

I was tired earlier, admittedly. I only had about 2 hrs sleep last night. A little less I think. That was incredibly silly.  I didn’t plan that, though. I mean, that would be even more silly!

I played okay. Good for the first few hours, but then I had, I don’t know, a brain fart? A sudden loss of sense. A sudden disappearance of anything resembling form. I realized either I really am rusty, or I’m just losing it. It felt more like the latter. Maybe it really is time to give it a rest.

The first 3 games went gangbusters. 8-0, 9-0, 4-0. Not a goal conceded in three games! I thought I might be back in business!

The 4th game was good enough. 0-0 at half time, then 1-1 at full time. I conceded with about 20 seconds left in the game. But, we got through to the semi final.

One more win and we were in the Final. The first half of game 5 was when something left me. It was 0-3 at half time. I should have saved probably all 3 of those goals. I usually would. I guess I just wasn’t meant to. I was feeling incredibly frustrated. I still am. It was so attainable.

I woke up at half time. Too late. We lost 1-3.

Of the 10 halves we played, I only conceded in 2 of them. Unfortunately, one of the halves I chose to bugger up, was the very wrong one.

So, we just missed out on the Final. But, it was good getting back into it. I had not played in a couple months due to back injury. I am a bit frustrated at my goofs though. No apparent reason. I wasn’t sore; my back actually held up surprisingly well. I do feel I let the guys down though. What a dunce.

In other Futsal news, our League Finals are on now. I played enough games with a team early in the season to qualify for finals, so I will play in a League Semi-Final on Monday. And, if we win that, the consequent Grand Final. Then I’m taking another break. I don’t know how long that one will be. Depends how long I remain disenchanted with it all.


7 thoughts on “Operation Futsal Tournament is Over

  1. So wrong, dude! Dunce is not appropriate. You know this, right? But the killer is your closing remark… Why give it more of your valuable time and energy if there’s elements of disenchantment with it?

    Congrats on rolling through the early tourney stages! You’ve clearly got what it takes. Perhaps (a word some astute guy recently used) you step back into your big boy pants and spend time doing something that absolutely rocks your boat. EOA! 🙂

    Find fun! Something that can’t get you down. Maybe get some sleep, too? 🙂

    • For the space of 5 minutes, ‘dunce’ was appropriate. But you’re right, and soccer and I have always had a love/hate relationship. I enjoy playing it when I’m performing well. Hate playing it when I’m having a rough game. I’m not fussed about winning or losing. I just dislike performing poorly when I know I’m capable of more. Under-performing annoys me. But, I’m not like that with anything else. Only goalkeeping.

      Thanks, Eric. I’ll put my big boy pants back on now! Haha. Something that is always fun would be great, but I do like having something I’m good at, too. I haven’t found anything that is both, yet.

      But yes, I am feeling better after some sleep. Haha. Thanks for the comments!

  2. I think the team you were playing was just supernaturally good. That’s the only logical explanation. To only concede 2 halves out of 10 is impressive by any standard. (At least from here, but I’m American so what do I know? lol)
    Also, if I may, you’re not a dunce. As a general rule, you should be at least as nice to yourself as you are to everyone else. Even at 4:30am when you’re exhausted. Get some sleep!

    • “I think the team you were playing was just supernaturally good.”>/b> I love this. Now I’m just picturing the boys from “The Vampire Diaries” playing soccer – hello there, Ian Somerhalder – and I forgot what I was going to say to EJ!

    • Thanks, Kaela. They were good for sure, but beatable with the game I’d usually give. But if you all want to picture vampires playing soccer, I’ve no problem with that. Haha, I did like that line, too.

      I appreciate the reply. Thanks for cheering me up, which those comments surely did. 🙂

      And that’s a good rule. One I never follow, but in theory a very good rule. I’d recommend it for everyone else! haha.

  3. *facepalm* Between the thought of you and Ian Somerhalder being all athletic, I’m also forgetting my basic html coding, apparently. Pay no attention to the sloppy job I did with the bolded text up there – that’s what I get for trying to show off! Anyway, echoing what your other, more put together commenters are saying: dunce is most definitely not the word for you!

    • Haha! That’s okay, I don’t know even basic html code so I’ll let you off the hook. Thanks, Amb, very nice of you, too. I’m going to go back to being all athletic now. Good luck with that coding! 😉

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