Good Work, Multifunctional Beard

I have a beard at the moment. I thought about shaving it off and going ‘clean-cut’. A female friend of mine said keep the beard. Now the beard stays.

Here are three things I like about having my beard.

1. It provides cushioning when I lean my chin in the palm of my hand. I noticed this gazing out the window on the train the other day.

Good work, thinking-cushion-beard.

2. I don’t get fat. Seriously, 30% of all food directed at my face must get caught in that thing. It’s a diet in and of itself.

Good work, diet-regulating-beard.

3. I look my age. Well, close enough to it. I look older with a beard. Without, I look much, much younger. Last time I went without it, most people thought I was 20-ish. I’m 29!

Good work, babyface-hiding-beard.


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