More Change; Sports Edition

I was supposed to play one semi-final of futsal tonight and then take a break indefinitely.

I ended up playing three semi-finals. Won 2 of them. I wasn’t planning on playing the Grand Finals, but, it may happen. I don’t need to. I need a break moreso. I was just helping out.

I feel like the game is getting the better of me. I need something fresh. Something I can have more fun with. The problem with doing something because you’re good at it, is that when you have a bad run, it hurts a lot more. I don’t need to be good at anything. I just need fun.

A friend and I may be getting back into beach volleyball. If so, I’ll ditch the soccer. Focus on the volleyball. We played a couple years ago. We were pretty decent. Made it to the top league, won a few titles. He was very good. He’s small and quick. Covers the court well. I’m tall and cumbersome, but willing to dive about. Good reach and reflexes. Together we make a good team. I hope we do get it going. It was a lot of fun last time and I am sure it would be again.

I’m looking forward to it. As has been a theme this year… change is for the good.


7 thoughts on “More Change; Sports Edition

  1. Change is good. Being good at something isn’t reason enough to do it when you don’t enjoy it. Volleyball is so fun, and also good exercise (which is a plus!). Whatever you do, do it because you love it even if you’re terrible.

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