A Brief Conversation

I am going to have a quick crack at the Weekly Writing Challenge. I love ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ challenges, so this is my procrastination exercise in between studying. I have written a short story based on the below image. And I mean short. After all, I’m meant to be working on my assessment task.


A Brief Conversation

Tamara had always felt like an outcast. For that reason she tended to find solace and comfort in the presence of other outcasts. She had spotted the green guy in his top hat and waist coat from inside the restaurant. She wanted to talk to him. He would understand. He knew what it was like to be different. To be singled out. To be surrounded by dimwits constantly moving but going nowhere. Just going in circles.

She sat down beside the green giant and leaned against his hind leg. “I know how you feel,” she said aloud, as if the thing had the ability to listen. “I’m stuck, too. My parents are inside with their friends. They’re all talking and laughing, and I’m just bored. You look bored, too. It’s okay, I’ll keep you company. We can keep each other company.” She gazed up at his stoic green face. “I like your hat. It’s fancy. You’re far too fancy for this place. We deserve to be somewhere better.”

She smiled and leaned closer against her inanimate friend. She liked the dapper object. She felt comfortable there. More comfortable than inside the restaurant. So comfortable, that she slowly but surely drifted asleep.


‘Me’ Music; Hippie Dancing Edition

My housemate likes making hippie jokes at my expense. He asked me, “how do hippies dance?” My reply was a basic one, but exactly the kind of image he was looking for.

“Like an airsock at a factory sale.”


I don’t dance in public too often, but when I do, I at least try to move my feet a little, unlike our windbag of a friend above. But, I surely have hippie dancing tendencies… naturally.  They may surface upon a song from one of my favourite Aussie bands. Here are two of them. Firstly, The John Butler Trio, and secondly, The Beautiful Girls

Zebra by John Butler Trio

Morning Sun by The Beautiful Girls