‘Me’ Music; Hippie Dancing Edition

My housemate likes making hippie jokes at my expense. He asked me, “how do hippies dance?” My reply was a basic one, but exactly the kind of image he was looking for.

“Like an airsock at a factory sale.”


I don’t dance in public too often, but when I do, I at least try to move my feet a little, unlike our windbag of a friend above. But, I surely have hippie dancing tendencies… naturally.  They may surface upon a song from one of my favourite Aussie bands. Here are two of them. Firstly, The John Butler Trio, and secondly, The Beautiful Girls

Zebra by John Butler Trio

Morning Sun by The Beautiful Girls


10 thoughts on “‘Me’ Music; Hippie Dancing Edition

  1. Far out, man! Groovy vibes! Love both – but then I am a bit of an old Hippie Chick by inclination! Pass the bong! Ali

  2. Any band that understands the value of an upright bass is okay in my book. I enjoyed both of these and have to confess, the surfing footage made me a bit (read: extremely) jealous. I’m on my way to look these bands up on Spotify now.

    • Haha, I feel ya! Love some upright bass goodness. Glad you enjoyed them! I wish I could surf well. I’m useless. Really should take the time to learn properly. It’s on the bucket list.

  3. You’ve sweetened the deal with music (and dancing!) here. I enjoy music very much, but don’t know enough about it. Good point about the hippy sock puppet dancing. I can see I will be learning a lot for you 🙂

    • Everyone seems to like the music additions, so I’m definitely sticking with them. Thanks for the encouragement, Liz. Don’t expect to learn too much, if anything. I am certainly no educational source, haha. On the contrary, I’d be surprised if people left here without dropping a few I.Q. points. My blog is shaping up to basically be alcohol in blog form. Intoxicating (at best), but so incredibly bad for your mental health.

      • and I serve (virtual) alcohol on my blog (love me a cocktail!), so I see us getting along just fine. I have so many IQ points I can afford to lose a few anyway. (hahahahaha–kidding, kidding) I will read with care. Though how can reading be bad for mental health?

      • Oh, we’ll get along swimmingly! If you’re serving cocktails over there, I may never leave! Haha, you’re lucky, I have to take good care of my IQ points.

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