A Tribute to My Friend Amb

This is not the greatest post in the World. No. This is just a tribute.

It is with great abubble that I impavidly present to you all today, a post encompassing the words used by the incredibly sapid Amber in her Wordful Wednesdays posts.

Okay, so basically it is just a giant tribute to Amb and her assiduously jocose blog, ‘Words Become Superfluous‘.

She may be slightly emulous when it comes to banter, but it simply highlights how loquacious she is, which is so endearing I feel we would go together like spaghetti and meatballs, or, you know, other things that are completely miscible.

I become all alacrified merely being in her presence. It is seriously impossible to be woebegone while she is around. Probably largely due to her intoxicating avidity. I get the sense she is incredibly convivial. What a coincidence – me too!

And as if all that wasn’t enough, she even has the tendency to post some magnificently mellisonant tunes on her blog. And we all know I’m a sucker for those. It is like she has tapped into all that is cool. In fact, I would not be surprised if Amb owns several pairs of spectaculacles.

The orenda is strong with this one.

I am so smitten. Seriously, we should intertex.


36 thoughts on “A Tribute to My Friend Amb

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  2. Haha! This is fantastic.

    I have to ask…when did you two connect? Because I feel like Amb was my friend. And then EJ was my friend. And then Amb and EJ were friends…so it would kind of be like I introduced you. Loosely speaking. If that’s not the case, I may just pretend it is. 😉

  3. I can’t stop smiling after reading this, EJ. You are brilliant 🙂 How sweet are you. And I meant what I said about being in the wedding party. I will travel wherever and could even bring a pony cake. (haha, I would not do that last thing) You are a fun read and it’s also good to see amb getting the attention she rightly deserves!

    What with amb’s emulousness (another fun thing to do with amb’s Wednesday Words is make new words out of them 🙂 ) and all, I wonder what she’ll come back at you with? 😉

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  5. EJ, this was just fabulous! I really really want to try and use some of Amb’s words, now your words too, but not even going to attempt! But, this was so great, I loved it and love Amb, so double love! If Liz is bringing the pony cake, I will bring the pony keg, it’s been decided that I am the resident bartender 🙂 Fun to connect, and thanks for the follow. – Bonnie

    • Thanks so much, Bonnie. Glad you liked it, really appreciate the comments! Bring all the pony (or any other type of) kegs you like! If you’re the resident bartender, I think that makes you my new best friend, hehe. Thanks again, nice connecting with you also. And its my pleasure, you’ve got a fantastic blog over there and I’m looking forward to keeping up with it!

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