‘Me’ Music; Brotherly Love Edition

In this “Music That Makes Me, Me” edition I would like to honour some family favourites. I have included songs that remind me of each of my brothers.

Happy Endings by FAUL – A favourite of my 2.5 year-younger brother, Dillon. He’s a sucker for chilled sax solos as much as I.

Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros – My 9 year-younger brother, Rowan’s favourite band, Sigur Ros, and their favourite song of mine. Translated, ‘Hoppipolla’ means ‘jumping into puddles’. It is a song about being young at heart. I absolutely adore the music video.


15 thoughts on “‘Me’ Music; Brotherly Love Edition

  1. Loved the first video. So chill, but full of energy. And that saxophone! Great running song.

    The Sigur Ros video is “not available in my country.” Excuse me while I sulk.

  2. Nice tributes. The FAUL piece (which I’d not heard) reminds me of a blend between early Chicane and Chris Botti (the latter being comparably good with Trumpet solos). Thanks for the intros…

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