Near Miss

I almost got hit by a car this morning. Crossing a pedestrian crossing. It was a good thing I was alert enough for evasive maneuvers. Thank you, morning coffee, or I probably would not have been enough awake. Even with, it’s a miracle I was moving that well.

Add to that it was raining. Add to that my hip was playing up. (Must have tweaked it playing soccer the other night).  Add to that I was running late and pushing my hip to it’s limit.

So, I was already uncomfortable and sore. Then this asshat decides he’s going to continue on his merry way while I’m mid-crossing. Gee, thanks, guy.

He did try to pull up… eventually. By that point I had already reacted, hopscotching my way into traffic, in order to avoid traffic. I even had to defy logic to dodge this bloke. And had I not, he wouldn’t have pulled up in time, either.

But, thankfully I did. And I made it. I live another day. And with this day, I must now go work. I shall return tonight with more posts. You’re not rid of me yet!