Near Miss

I almost got hit by a car this morning. Crossing a pedestrian crossing. It was a good thing I was alert enough for evasive maneuvers. Thank you, morning coffee, or I probably would not have been enough awake. Even with, it’s a miracle I was moving that well.

Add to that it was raining. Add to that my hip was playing up. (Must have tweaked it playing soccer the other night). Β Add to that I was running late and pushing my hip to it’s limit.

So, I was already uncomfortable and sore. Then this asshat decides he’s going to continue on his merry way while I’m mid-crossing. Gee, thanks, guy.

He did try to pull up… eventually. By that point I had already reacted, hopscotching my way into traffic, in order to avoid traffic. I even had to defy logic to dodge this bloke. And had I not, he wouldn’t have pulled up in time, either.

But, thankfully I did. And I made it. I live another day. And with this day, I must now go work. I shall return tonight with more posts. You’re not rid of me yet!


20 thoughts on “Near Miss

  1. You know what is great about almost getting hit by a car? That second when you realize it never hit you. Been through the same thing myself and its like living again. Live another day to blog! haha.

    • Thanks, Ali! Was fine really, ’cause it missed. I would’ve been scared if it collected me. Glad I’m still here, too. Can’t get rid of me that easily!

  2. :O
    When this post popped up in my reader, I saw the first sentence and …. I was afraid to click! You Must’ve been terrified!
    I know the aunt and I were coming out of a carpark and as we walked through, this driver reversed out. And oh dear..he didn’t stop..kept reversing and I managed to hop away but my aunt was knocked a bit before she did too. She was ok. It wasn’t painful.
    But we were shocked and very upset 😦
    I hope your ok! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks your fairy highness! πŸ˜€ You’re right, it’s more shocking than anything else. I must’ve looked like a deer in the headlights.
      Glad you and your aunt were okay! At leas this guy missed me. Can’t believe your aunt actually got hit. Dangerous stuff.
      And I’m fine, thanks. No blood, no foul. πŸ™‚

  3. For pete’s sake Maverick, look after yourself, would you?! I mean, Ron Offerman has only just brought us together! Glad to hear you’re ok. Try to avoid sustaining any grievous bodily injuries over the weekend, please and thank you πŸ˜‰

      • Oh, good. Who would keep me company while I’m stuck in an empty office otherwise?
        Actually, these lovely ladies might. Hi Princess! Hi Bon!! I see you down there. EJ, aren’t you glad I bring such awesome-ness with me wherever I go? You’re welcome πŸ˜‰

    • Haha, yes caffeine is a non-negotiable part of my morning routine. It’s necessary. It saves lives! And thanks, will keep an eye out. There’s plenty out there!

  4. To all those who laugh at caffeine, and coffee being part of the daily morning ritual…it nearly saved your life!! So glad it was just only a near miss. Whew!

    • Exactly! Good advertisement for coffee, yes? Thanks, I’m glad too, of course. Just a bit of a wake-up call I guess. Reminding me to stay alert. Or, reminding me to drink coffee. Either way…

  5. I nearly hit a car while running today. Kind of the same, but not quite as dangerous.
    On an almost serious note, this is why people parkour–so they can dodge incoming vehicles, or climb atop them mid-stride. At least, I think that’s why they do it. You should probably look into that.

    • Glad you missed your car, too! Did you parkour it? Haha, I couldn’t parkour my way out of bed in the morning, let alone through traffic. I do like the idea though. And it looks cool in the movies!

    • That’s sensible, even if you shouldn’t have to. I’m far too dense and impatient for that. I have to remember I’m not as quick and nimble as I once was. Dodging moving vehicles is harder these days! I should probably employ your tactic, really.

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