Keepings Off

I had to smile as I passed a house opposite the train tracks yesterday on the way to work.

Three children were in the front yard. A young girl was sitting on the bench up against the house. Two slightly older children, a boy and a girl, were playing soccer on the grass. The boy had the ball and the girl could not tackle it from him. He was just messing about with it. Basically playing keepings off. Two bins were lined up against the wall of the house like goals. It was clear they were playing one-on-one, with winner stays on.

The young girl watching was becoming impatient.

“Get a goal already!”

I guess she was bored of watching. She was probably itching to play. Who knows how long she had already been sitting there.

She yelled that, too. Really loudly. But it was slightly more in fun than frustration. I didn’t see if the boy decided to score the goal after that or not. I continued walking. But it reminded me of my childhood and made me smile. They were all having fun in different ways, but, together. It was a good thing to witness.

Okay, I’m off to play keepings off with my housemate and dinner. I’m hungry. Take care friends!


Awards; A Game of Catch-up

Um, wow. I have been completely and utterly spoilt rotten the last few days. My bloggy friends, you have made me one very happy chap, day after day, with your kind likes and comments and simply just reading. I really appreciate it. Really, really.

I have been given a few awards, and I haven’t had the chance to respond to them individually. Now they have piled up. I’m losing track of them, so I hope I get them all covered here. If I miss anyone, I am SO sorry. And now I would like to acknowledge the people who have been so kind as to gift me with awards…


Firstly the Versatile Blogger Award. I have received four of these this week. Each from the extremely witty Molly Greye, the absolutely lovely love from tara, the brilliant My OCD Diaries, and the  hilariously wonderful ZooBoo. If you’ve the time, check out all these blogs. They are absolutely magnificent reads, the lot of them. And such fun people. Do yourself a favour and have a read!


I also received twice, the WordPress Family Award. These came from my wondrous blogging buddies, Margaret of Along Life’s Road, and ZooBoo. Margaret is a funny and fantastic writer, and every post is an awesome read. And if you didn’t follow the link to ZooBoo’s blog above, follow the one in this paragraph! She is a lot of fun too, and an essential part to my blogging family. They both are, check them out!

A massive THANK YOU to all the people who nominated me for awards. You are such a wondrous group of people and I feel very privileged to be a part of your blogging family. Thanks folks!!


And now, I would like to nominate 10 super people for the WordPress Family Award…

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The mmmmm Family


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Congrats you lot, I am so glad I get the chance to promote your blogs. You are all absolutely wonderful people and genius bloggers. Many thanks for sharing the blogosphere with yours truly. It is an honour!

Funny Ha-Ha

The Daily Prompt (now yesterday’s prompt, technically) wants to know if I am funny. Well, I guess that is for everyone else to decide.

I will admit I am humorous. But laugh out loud? Occasionally, though I am more of a ‘make you smile’, kind of guy. Often with humour, or at least light-heartedness.

Humour does play a huge part in my life. I feel that laughing is a very important part of living, and I get great joy from both finding humour for myself and providing humour to others.

There is a thin line in my humour between funny ha-ha and funny cuckoo. Although I tend to find humour in everything. And if it isn’t funny, I’ll change the perception of it, or link a reference to create humour. There’s always a way. I am a very sarcastic person, too. And when I get in the mood or start drinking, my humour goes VERY dry.

I like to use humour to lighten situations, too. I just like trying to make life a bit lighter, and wielded properly, humour can do that wondrously.

As far as comedians go, I always got a lot of joy from Mitch Hedberg, and I always laugh my socks off listening to Ross Noble ramble about. Here are a couple of samples…

Mitch Hedberg

Ross Noble