Awards; A Game of Catch-up

Um, wow. I have been completely and utterly spoilt rotten the last few days. My bloggy friends, you have made me one very happy chap, day after day, with your kind likes and comments and simply just reading. I really appreciate it. Really, really.

I have been given a few awards, and I haven’t had the chance to respond to them individually. Now they have piled up. I’m losing track of them, so I hope I get them all covered here. If I miss anyone, I am SO sorry. And now I would like to acknowledge the people who have been so kind as to gift me with awards…


Firstly the Versatile Blogger Award. I have received four of these this week. Each from the extremely witty Molly Greye, the absolutely lovely love from tara, the brilliant My OCD Diaries, and the  hilariously wonderful ZooBoo. If you’ve the time, check out all these blogs. They are absolutely magnificent reads, the lot of them. And such fun people. Do yourself a favour and have a read!


I also received twice, the WordPress Family Award. These came from my wondrous blogging buddies, Margaret of Along Life’s Road, and ZooBoo. Margaret is a funny and fantastic writer, and every post is an awesome read. And if you didn’t follow the link to ZooBoo’s blog above, follow the one in this paragraph! She is a lot of fun too, and an essential part to my blogging family. They both are, check them out!

A massive THANK YOU to all the people who nominated me for awards. You are such a wondrous group of people and I feel very privileged to be a part of your blogging family. Thanks folks!!


And now, I would like to nominate 10 super people for the WordPress Family Award…

Words Become Superfluous

The Girl Who Blogs

That’s What Shaun Said

Flowers and Breezes

Escaping Elegance

The mmmmm Family


suzie81’s Blog


Valley Girl Gone Country

Congrats you lot, I am so glad I get the chance to promote your blogs. You are all absolutely wonderful people and genius bloggers. Many thanks for sharing the blogosphere with yours truly. It is an honour!


26 thoughts on “Awards; A Game of Catch-up

  1. Wow, EJ! This has been quite the award season for you! Are you getting tired of the red carpet walk? Eyes sore form the flash bulbs… can I still call them flash bulbs? I’m not sure why I feel motherly towards you (surely I’m far too young *ahem*) but I do, and as such, I’m extremely proud!

    Thanks also for the passing on of your tidings to me – much appreciated. More appreciated is the time you take to read my blog!!

    Virtual hugs!

    • It has indeed! The blogosphere is filled with many far too kind people. You included! And who could ever get tired of the red carpet walk? I love it, I am very grateful that people would even consider me for these things. I couldn’t believe people getting that much out of reading my blog, or even reading it to begin with! It’s amazing!

      And you are faaaar too young for that! Hehe, I really appreciate it! I like that. It’s a very nice thing indeed.I’ll continue to make you proud, I promise!

      You are absolutely most welcome. I love reading your blog and get a lot out of it. It’s hard to keep up with everybody’s all the time, but I could never ever miss any of your posts, no matter how busy I became!

  2. Maverick! Look at you, charming readers everywhere you go! Your awards are all so very well deserved, and that you’re receiving heaps of them doesn’t surprise me in the least. And thank you for the nomination! You know I’m going to throw the rules out the window and have all sorts of fun with this one, right? Stay tuned …

    • Why thank you dear! That’s very sweet. 🙂 And you are most welcome. I couldn’t give away an award without giving you one first. An award, that is. 😉

      Bugger the rules! Follow my maverick ways and break the rules, stretch conventions, and have all sorts of fun! I can’t wait!

      • Yes, an award. Naturally that’s what I immediately thought of as well. Where else could my mind possibly go with that comment? It’s not like there’s subtext or sparks flying in these exchanges, or anything.

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