Funny Ha-Ha

The Daily Prompt (now yesterday’s prompt, technically) wants to know if I am funny. Well, I guess that is for everyone else to decide.

I will admit I am humorous. But laugh out loud? Occasionally, though I am more of a ‘make you smile’, kind of guy. Often with humour, or at least light-heartedness.

Humour does play a huge part in my life. I feel that laughing is a very important part of living, and I get great joy from both finding humour for myself and providing humour to others.

There is a thin line in my humour between funny ha-ha and funny cuckoo. Although I tend to find humour in everything. And if it isn’t funny, I’ll change the perception of it, or link a reference to create humour. There’s always a way. I am a very sarcastic person, too. And when I get in the mood or start drinking, my humour goes VERY dry.

I like to use humour to lighten situations, too. I just like trying to make life a bit lighter, and wielded properly, humour can do that wondrously.

As far as comedians go, I always got a lot of joy from Mitch Hedberg, and I always laugh my socks off listening to Ross Noble ramble about. Here are a couple of samples…

Mitch Hedberg

Ross Noble


14 thoughts on “Funny Ha-Ha

    • I actually had a feeling you might! I don’t know why, maybe it’s because you’re my English friend on here, or maybe because from what I’ve seen, your sense of humour fits that bill. Either way, glad there’s a fan about. I’ve seen him many times live. Possibly just into the double figures. He’s brilliant!

  1. Funny Ha-Ha and Funny Cuckoo.


    I don’t know which I am. I can be very sarcastic (almost rude). Then other times I’m like that kid who always says the wrong thing to Grams and Gramps—awkward and embarrassing. Ha!
    Oh well, as long as we’re laughing all is well. Right?

    • Hehe, absolutely! I know what you mean, I have similar tendencies. But I agree, if we’re laughing, I don’t think it really matters how or why. And I think a mix of funny ha-ha and cuckoo isn’t always bad, haha.

  2. I like to use humour to lighten situations, as well. (I sometimes try too hard as just look like a crazy person.) I’m a huge fan these days of the stand-up of Jim Gaffigan and Louis CK. Probably because they take the shit out of their kids…

  3. Ross Noble is fantastic! Was rolling at the fish stick part–that’s funny. I know what you mean about funny ha-ha. I love to laugh and make other people smile, but there’s taking it too far or in the wrong direction. You seem to have a good perspective on humor 🙂

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