Keepings Off

I had to smile as I passed a house opposite the train tracks yesterday on the way to work.

Three children were in the front yard. A young girl was sitting on the bench up against the house. Two slightly older children, a boy and a girl, were playing soccer on the grass. The boy had the ball and the girl could not tackle it from him. He was just messing about with it. Basically playing keepings off. Two bins were lined up against the wall of the house like goals. It was clear they were playing one-on-one, with winner stays on.

The young girl watching was becoming impatient.

“Get a goal already!”

I guess she was bored of watching. She was probably itching to play. Who knows how long she had already been sitting there.

She yelled that, too. Really loudly. But it was slightly more in fun than frustration. I didn’t see if the boy decided to score the goal after that or not. I continued walking. But it reminded me of my childhood and made me smile. They were all having fun in different ways, but, together. It was a good thing to witness.

Okay, I’m off to play keepings off with my housemate and dinner. I’m hungry. Take care friends!


7 thoughts on “Keepings Off

  1. I think it’s really cool that you actually noticed the moment, most people probably would’ve been too caught up in something else to do so. It’s such a nice reminder of what being a child was like.

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