Movie Of My Life

I seem to be stuck a day behind on The Daily Prompt. I blame my assignment that’s due tomorrow. It’s sucking my time away! Speaking of which… I better make this post shorter than I otherwise would.

Anyways, I refuse to skip yesterday’s prompt. It wants us to cast the movie of our life. Sweet! I can do that.

The first thing you need to know is that my life would likely be a dramedy.

The next thing to do is appoint a Director. My life would quite possibly fit Woody Allen‘s directing talents. Complex, comedic, and a little bit romantic. Of course, I would have to move to New York City (no problem), and the music soundtrack would be all pre-1949 jazz (also no problem).

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Me – Okay, I think the essence of my character could be portrayed by one man and one man only that is in the right age-range…

John Krasinski

The Housemate – He’s a funny bugger, albeit in an arrogant fashion. You’re not 100% sure why the lead trusts him, and he would probably spend the whole film trying to steal the spotlight… but if you hang around ’til the end, you get it.

Peter Sarsgaard

The Brother – He’s got to be goofy, funny and youngish. I’m going with Josh Peck.

The Love Interest – It’s a Woody Allen film. You think I’m not having a love interest? Tricky part is, there is no current love interest to cast, so I’m setting this in the future. Hence, casting is completely open… in which case there can be only one option. Sophia Bush. Wait, on second thoughts, I think I might just play the role of myself.  😉

And there you have the beginnings of a great film, or life, or life-film. Wait, biopic. Yeah, that’s what they’re called. Anyways, I gotta go finish this assignment. Take care friends!

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