‘Me’ Music; Schoolboy Crush Edition

In this edition of ‘music that makes me, me’ I have included three videos, all fitting the ‘schoolboy crush’ theme. Two because I adore the singers and their music, and one because, well, you’ll see…

The first is ‘King of Anything’ by Sara Bareilles. Now here is an artist I absolutely adore. Love her voice, her music, and yeah okay, she’s pretty cute, too. I almost convinced a friend to go to Perth (other side of Australia, for those Northern-Hemisphere folk) just to see her as the support act to a gig. Unfortunately that didn’t take in the end. But with luck I’ll catch a gig of her’s one day.

Secondly, we have another gorgeous singer, whose music is so sweet and happy it is as intoxicating as her natural beauty. Here is ‘Bubbly’ by Colbie Caillat.

And last, but never least, here is a song by Passion Pit. But, Passion Pit are five blokes, you say? Right you are. Now, guess who features in their ‘Carried Away’ video… oh, the suspense is killing me, I’ll guess for you.Β Is it Sophia Bush?

Why yes, it is! How’d you know, me? Oh, I guess I just know me too well…

13 thoughts on “‘Me’ Music; Schoolboy Crush Edition

    • Awesome! That’s good news, I like the idea of exposing some of my daily and ‘me’-defining music to a wider audience. Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll definitely continue if you’re enjoying them.

  1. I’m friends with Sara on Facebook and like to pretend that we’re close, personal friends as well, lol. She’s so adorable and so talented, I could talk about her for days. I even managed to sneak her into The Blog of Funny Names, so that I could do exactly that πŸ˜‰ http://wp.me/p21IMO-KD

      • I’m so glad you liked it! It’s a favourite of mine, for sure. As for having me having tremendous taste, well … it’s more like I know a good thing when I see it πŸ˜‰

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