Another Final? I Just Want to Sleep!

Okay, you just have to endure one last post about my soccer goalkeeping endeavors. For as of tonight I have ‘retired’. My back needs to be doing something different, and I’m only happy when I’m winning. So, time to shut it down. That was never the idea.

I am moving on to beach volleyball, at least for this season. A friend and I played a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. Won a few titles, too. We’re older and less mobile now. We both carry injuries collected over our soccer ‘careers’. It will be interesting to see how we go and if we can move at all. But most importantly, it will be fun. I am really looking forward to it.

That starts next week. This post was actually supposed to be about tonight’s futsal game. Sorry, I got sidetracked by volleyball thoughts. So, anyway, my brother’s futsal team had their Grand Final tonight. I decided it was a good game to go out on, and was still carrying momentum from the other epic Grand Final win last week, so I decided I would play.

Lady luck was smiling down on me again tonight. We won 6-1. We were up 3-1 at half time and we managed not to concede in the second half. It’s been a trend lately, and there isn’t really a better trend than that! To cap it all off, I was (probably incorrectly) awarded the MVP… Player of the Final… thingy.

So, yeah, a good night was had. I got to say my, at least temporary, goodbyes to futsal in good fashion. And now I am knackered again. But, I refuse to go to sleep on such a self-indulgent post. So, I shall be backing this up with another post shortly. Catch you all in a few!


8 thoughts on “Another Final? I Just Want to Sleep!

  1. Well done. I’m sure the MVP was completely well deserved and that you are just being modest. My my, good at sports and a way with words..quite the catch aren’t you? πŸ˜‰

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