Bring On The Cop Shows!

I am going to have a new show to watch! Two in fact!

I don’t watch a lot of television. Wait, let me rephrase that…

There are not many shows that I watch every episode of on the television. I find synchronizing myself to a TV schedule to be virtually impossible. I record every episode of ‘The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson‘, and watch all of those, because, well, he’s just the perfect entertainer to me, and I enjoy a talk show when done right. Having said that, his is really the only one I watch.

I do also purchase full seasons of shows like Community, The Office, Entourage, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, etc. You know, comedies. Stuff I can watch more than once. And want to.

Possibly the only non-comedy I own is Luther. And that’s a mini-series.

No, I do not own ‘One Tree Hill’. Ya smart-asses. That bloody show is not worth 9 seasons-worth of my money. Not until I’m rich, at least.

But, here come along not one, but TWO new series that I want to involve myself in. And both are cop dramas. Yeah, what?!

You need to know two things. My favourite actress = Sophia Bush. Okay, you knew that one. Also, my favourite actor = Jean Reno. Okay, I think I’ve given it all away now.

Jo is a new series starring Jean Reno as police Commander Jo Saint-Clair. This is Reno’s first lead TV role, so add extra excitement to my anticipation right there. He basically just solves murders in Paris while wrestling with his own demons. Because every good TV detective needs demons. Jill Hennessy and Sean Pertwee are also along for the ride. Which is awesome, because I have always liked Hennessy and I am a huge Pertwee fan.

I’ll buy it, no questions asked.


I don’t have a poster for this second cop series. It has only just been announced. It is called Chicago PD. It is a spin-off from ‘Chicago Fire’. It is exactly as it sounds; a cop show based in Chicago. According to my sources (Wikipedia, nothing flash), “The show will focus on uniformed police patrol and the Intelligence Unit that pursues the perpetrators of the city’s major street offenses.” So, why is this cop show particularly special?

Because it puts Sophia Bush back on the telly!

Yeah, I’ll watch it.

Oh, and Season 3 of ‘Luther’ is available soon as well, I believe. Bring on the cop shows!


22 thoughts on “Bring On The Cop Shows!

  1. I could do with a good cop show too. I am a sucker for science fiction, alternate reality and all that and just got off a ‘Fringe’ marathon. Now for a break and to get right back in..:)

  2. EJ !!! This made me all flibbertigibbity. In an attempt to be a grown up and use actual, like, words, I have created a list:
    1) Jean Reno was the only good thing in The Da Vinci Code. Such a classy, talented guy!
    2) Jill Hennessy is Canadian!! Yay!!! Also PS, she’s a super talented singer, and you should check her stuff out if you haven’t already
    3) Did you do that on purpose because you know how much I love “Community”, or are we just that much in sync? Swooning over here, you know.

      • Amazing!! How is this even possible? I cannot even articulate the amount of love I have for Craig Ferguson, Jean Reno and Community, so, yeah, that’s just more exactness in tastes there. And I had no idea Jill Hennessy sang. I’ll have to look into that! Always did like her, and being Canadian never hurts! 😉

  3. That sounds awesome, I will start watching immediately, I’m really into cop shows at the moment, mostly unforgettable, rizzoli & isles and covert affairs although I kinda gave up on covert affairs part way through, but rizzoli & isles is great, mostly for the humor factor. They’re what I refer to as lady cop shows hahaha.

    • I have seena little ‘Unforgettable’ and that one’s good! I want to check out Rizzoli & Isles, but, just haven’t. And Covert Affairs I know very little about. Haha, you’re really into your cop shows! Or at least lady cop shows! I may have to come to you for some recommendations!

      • you’d like rizzoli & isles, just make sure you start at season 1 because the storyline might confuse you otherwise but if you like unforgettable you’d like that. I also like body of proof but it’s similar to rizzoli & isles in terms of medical examiners/detectives. Hahaha you know what I really love crime shows, when i lived at mums all i watched was the CI channel haha. feel free to hit me up when you want a list of shows to watch, i’ve got hundreds upon hundrends of shows lol, it’s shameful but i love it lol

      • Season 1 – Check. I couldn’t start a series part-way through anyways. HAVE to start from the very beginning. Yeah, you really know your crime shows! That’s awesome. If I have any crime show questions, I know where to go! 😀

  4. Ooooo… Sound good! I’m a huge Jean Reno fan. It will be cool to see him in the lead. Thanks for the heads up.

    My friend Shane was recently flying home to Melbourne an had a stop in LA. He went to the Craig Ferguson show and was pulled up to be in the monologue. Totally awesome!

    • Oh, well that’s frustrating. We get the same thing here in Australia. Waiting forever for shows to reach us from the US. If you know someone who’s internet savvy, there’s always shortcuts though!

  5. I am not much for cop shows—unless they’re at least a little humorous. I was raised in a family of cops, though, so I have a little baggage in that area I think. And all of it’s a bit too real for me.
    Comedies are definitely my thing. Or really interesting dramas. Love your list of comedies. Do you watch Parks and Rec at all? Also, there is a cop/comedy show coming to Fox this Fall that looks fun—Brooklyn Nine Nine. It has Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live fame. I’ll definitely be watching.
    Also, as far as well-scripted comedies go, ABC’s Happy Endings was my husband’s and my favorite show…but they canceled it. 😥 Fox’s New Girl is another we love to watch.

    • Ah, well that makes sense, I can understand that. I’m not huge on the serious shows either, but there’s an exception to every rule.
      Parks and Rec, oh yes! I do indeed. Absolutely love that one, too. Aziz Ansari and Nick Offerman are funnier than anything, and I have a bit of a thing for Rashida Jones, who also cracks me up.
      I saw a thing for Brooklyn Nine Nine, I reckon I’ll appreciate that too. Should be a laugh.
      And I LOVED Happy Endings. My brother and I watched it all and couldn’t get enough. Was also annoyed when it got canceled. Love your comedic tastes!

  6. So I had to tell you about this ASAP because i remembered you liked a good cop show, watch Hannibal. It’s so unbeliveably good hahaha

    • Hannibal, hey? Cool, I’ll have to find it! I’m a huge Mads Mikkelsen fan, who plays Hannibal, so I love that you’re giving this the thumbs up. I’m sold! Thanks heaps Tara!

      • its awesome, im only part way through the 1st season and i think i’ll be on my toes until season 2 starts haha you’ll love it, the acting is really good too which is a surprise because most tv shows don’t have very good actors

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