What A Day!

Well, that was an absolutely delightful day. Here’s a list of occurrences…

  • Visited St Andrews Market out whoop whoop. (‘Whoop whoop’ means ‘far away’, or ‘out bush’, for those unjargonized.)
  • Had an amazing brunch at a little cafe with mum. Oh, I’m such a good son.*
  • Stopped in at a fantastic little winery on the way back. Enjoyed the conversation and wisdom offered by the owner (as well as some fine wine) for a few hours.
  • Cheered gleefully as the Blackhawks won.
  • Bought tickets to Cosmo Jarvis for Wednesday night’s gig!
  • Had Chinese takeout in front of the telly and am now so content I am falling asleep.

Most of those are self explanatory. I do want some depth added to that Market dot-point though. Here goes…

I grabbed some new threads and a bag and stuff, but my greatest purchase was homemade lemonade. A little girl had tagged along with her mum and had a stall next to her’s selling homemade lemonade. She looked bored. She seemed to be having a slow day. I decided she deserved my money and (bad) jokes. I think we brightened each others’ day. And honestly, that lemonade was perfect.

We parked next to a pirate. Well, he was dressed like a pirate. He didn’t have a peg leg, but he was using a walking crutch, so not far off. And the rest of the kit matched. There were some odd characters out.

Speaking of odd characters; I saw a truck-house. I picked who it belonged to pretty quickly. I don’t know if that was a little judgmental on my behalf just because he looked the part, but, well, I wasn’t wrong, let’s just say that. The guy was wearing a viking helmet and smoked a pipe. He tried to have a conversation with me about how politicians are all evil or shit or something… and then he seemed surprised when I guessed the truck-house was his.

Not that I’m against truck-houses, or pro-politicians, but the idea that he could possibly go incognito definitely amused me. And he was just so… textbook. But, I’ll admit I liked the guy. I mean, really, that’ll probably be me in ten years. If you asked my folks they’d tell you I also possess an unhealthy habit of shirking responsibilities to the point of complete self detriment. So, I guess I felt a connection with the guy. Perhaps we both feel misunderstood. I guess I didn’t help him with that one. Sorry, Mr. Viking.

So, that was my day. I won’t just yet update you on my last month or whatever it’s been. Wow, I’ve really been slack here. Just know that I miss you all, and I mean that. I miss you a lot! Anyway, I hope you all had as a good a day as I. Take care, folks!

That’s right ladies, I’m good to my mother. #checkmate …

#shouldn’thaveusedahashtagjustundidallthatgoodworknowlooklikeadunce #whoops