‘Me’ Music; Modern Indie Rock Edition

That last post bored even me. I won’t lie. I guess I’m too tired at the moment to discern between post-worthy and not. Please accept my apology, and some music!

Firstly, ‘Curse Me Good’ by The Heavy. I love this song. I’m not even sure why. It just works for me. I have their two albums and they are both amaaaazing! There are a few particular songs of theirs I enjoy rocking on the way to soccer. ‘How Do You Like Me Now’ is the best for that.

‘Tighten Up’ by The Black Keys. I fell in love with their last few albums. Just so damn cool. I can’t get enough!

‘Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’ by Arctic Monkeys. It’s fun, makes me giggle, and sounds good. Winner.

‘Back Against The Wall’ by Cage the Elephant. They can be hit and miss for me. But the album this is off is all hit. They got one right, this song included.

‘Silence The Noise’ by Paul Child Band. Here’s a bonus! They’re lesser known than the others here, but they’ve got some groovy tunes. They’re different, and I really appreciate that. I dig what they’ve done so far. I’ve had many a convo with Paul on twitter too, and he seems like a top bloke. Good on him, hopefully there’s more like this to come!


7 thoughts on “‘Me’ Music; Modern Indie Rock Edition

  1. Finally getting around to listening to this now – turns out it was just what I needed to shake off a frustrating day. Dance party in the kitchen! Whoohoo! (You’re invited too, of course).

  2. Arctic monkeys and the black keys!!! yaayyy! I blast lonely boy whenever it pops up in my car…and then I have to push repeat because its one of my favorite jamming out songs lol. I haven’t listened to caged elephant in a long time… starting to feel like its time for a re-listen!

    • I think it’s very cool you even know of Cage The Elephant. I don’t think anyone in my circle of friends have heard of them. And yes, I love all The Black Keys stuff soooo much, but it doesn’t get much better than ‘Lonely Boy’. It’s an awesome jamming song, I agree!

  3. Great set! Love The Heavy — Short Change Hero is a fave. Cage the Elephant rocks! — Ain’t no Rest for the Wicked, love. Black Keys, yes! I Got Mine is a personal fave.

    Love your music posts, EJ! One of these weeks you’ll need to do a themed 5-10 song playlist for the new words site, that’d be fun!

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