My Sporting Life: An Update

You may have remembered I ‘retired’ from indoor soccer after last season. Mostly in favour of playing beach volleyball. Well, the volleyball was going great guns. We were top of the table, undefeated. And more importantly, having a blast! No injuries either. So good! Then last week my teammate dislocated his shoulder. I think our season is done. Shame, it was good fun. He’ll be okay, he just can’t rush back to it. I wouldn’t want him to.

I agreed to help out some teams down at the domestic indoor soccer tonight. I had a bit of a run, but for most teams I kept, as expected. I wanted it to be interesting. I decided to count in my head and keep track of the number of shots I was facing. The biggest numbers (for entertainment purposes) in one game were 50 saves from 55 shots. That game was mental. I have never had the presence of mind to keep track before, but that seems excessive. I should keep tabs now when I play. I know I tend to get worked hard in that team, but, I mean, come on. That ain’t right.

I’ve convinced a few mates to ditch the soccer next season and attempt ice hockey. One little hiccup… I can’t skate!

I want to learn though. And of course we’ll be playing the dregs of the amateur leagues, so it’s all good. It’s just time for a bit of fun and something completely different. Especially while the body is still (just) young enough to give it a go. Yes, I will be goaltending. It will be very interesting. I’m likely to be rubbish. I am looking forward to it though. I’ve always loved hockey and wanted to give it a go, but I’m a muppet on the skates. Time to fix that!


7 thoughts on “My Sporting Life: An Update

  1. EJ! good for you!!! I’m sure you’ll be EPIC at ice hockey!
    I remember when I was like, eight, and I went to a friends birthday party….and to be dismay, it was a nice skating party. It was hilarious because my mum made an impromptu appearance and joked “girls, don’t laugh when she falls down!”
    Dear oh dear, was I AWFUL. I don’t think I’ve ever flopped so bad!!!!!
    Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ll be an ace at it….:)
    And a bonus; you can actually play hockey!
    I play each week and I’m terrible……:D

    Have a great day, EJ!

    • I’m sure you’re not nearly as bad as you claim, Zoo! That party sounds like a drag. I probably would’ve just bailed. Good on you for sticking with! Have an awesome day, too, Zoo! πŸ™‚

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