Me Music; Cosmo Jarvis Gig!

So, my brother Dillon loves Cosmo Jarvis even more than I. And Cosmo was here in Melbourne during the week! So we cruised along to his gig on Wednesday night in the city. It was fantastic, amazing, ridiculously cool fun. A little bit different live than I expected. But in a good way. The gig had a lot of energy. Which was cool, but the venue was pretty small. Okay, very small. Let’s say “intimate”. And intimate is a great thing. I mean, we were all of 4 meters from the stage/band. That’s pretty cool.

But in a small place, with an energetic show, you get daaaamn hot. But I didn’t really care much about that, it was just a thing. I was having an absolute blast. Here’s a Cosmo Jarvis song for you, just because it would be completely neglectful of me to not post a video in this context.

‘She Doesn’t Mind’ by Cosmo Jarvis:


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