Not What My Parents Taught Me

Do people gradually forget their manners as they age?

Or do they get tired of using words?

I was sitting on the train. An older lady waltzed onto the train. Okay, so she walked on. I can’t imagine her having much luck with the waltz these days. Sadly, though, probably more luck than I.

Anyways, I digress.

The lady walked on, and I, being a close-enough-to-decent human being, decided to stand and allow her to sit.

Did I get a “thank you”? No.

Did I get any words whatsoever? Nope.

She barely looked at me.

Should’ve pushed her off.

Then there were two blokes. One probably about my age, and the other maybe late 40’s.

They went to grab the thing that helps you stand up when the train is moving. Oh, the pole. Right.

And their hands touched.

So they adjusted their grip. But, they adjusted in the same direction. Their hands met again. Then they did it again… again. It was the train-hand equivalent of almost walking into someone down the footpath, and going to step around, but stepping the same way and almost bumping together again.

I thought it was smile-worthy.

Apparently, so did the other guy my age-ish. And he smiled and said “sorry”.

The old guy didn’t smile. Nor did he utter a single word.

So the question must be asked. At what point do we forget our manners?


15 thoughts on “Not What My Parents Taught Me

  1. This is a subject that bothers me all the time – I remember once informing a really loud and obnoxious family who were waiting for the same train as me of a platform change as they were making so much noise I thought they’d missed the announcement. The mother responded with ‘Yeah, I know,’ and when I apologised she said ‘mind your own god-dammed business.’ Nice.

    • Well, that’s an interesting take. Perhaps it is the public transport system that inspires rudeness in people. You may be onto something there! Thanks for reading/commenting! 🙂

  2. People are all unhappy and selfish. That makes them grumpy and rude. They get so caught up in their lives and what they think they deserve that there’s no room in their head to think about how to make other people’s lives better. *sigh* It’s a problem.

    • Agreed! It’s definitely a common problem. Oh well, we’ll just have to do our best to spread the happy. They won’t beat us! 🙂

      *Still think I should’ve pushed her off the seat though.

  3. I feel like older people got off the friendly train at some point and lost their manners. And that is maybe because they have experienced so much rudeness from the younger generation that they can’t appreciate one nice gesture. I see how ratchet my niece and her friends act towards their elders and it shocks me.

  4. I’m so lucky to live in a relatively friendly part of Canada. Sure there are rude people here too but overall, people seem to be a bit more relaxed and willing to exchange a joke or a smile.

  5. I don’t think it’s an age thing, some people are polite others are so wrapped up in themselves they are not. The problem is if you meet too many rude people then you are more likely to behave the same towards others!

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