Help! My pet is nameless!

I have a pet brushtail possum.

Okay, so it’s not a proper pet.

But it does meet me at the front gate each night.

It’s like s/he’s sitting up there on the fence waiting for me. Without fail. And there’s no sudden movements or skiddish behaviour anymore. It’s comfortably watching me come and go. I say ‘hi’ and it sometimes squeaks back.

But I haven’t named him/her yet. In fact, I’m not sure even if it’s a boy or girl possum. But s/he needs a name.

And I want you all to help.

What can we name my pet possum? It needs to be a multi-gender name, unless somehow I can determine if it is a boy possum or girl possum.


22 thoughts on “Help! My pet is nameless!

  1. awwwww!
    opossums are so cute
    how fortunate that you have a close relationship with one
    one of my favorite books as a child was “Just the Thing For Geraldine”
    about a family of opossums, mostly their daughter, Geraldine, who can juggle like no other…
    it’s a sweet story
    i’ll put in Geraldine
    (and if it’s a fellow, then Gerald would work, too)

  2. Clearly the best name for any pet is BATMAN.
    If you’re not convinced, allow me to persuade you. Possums are nocturnal – like batman, and usually like to sneak around – like batman, and fight crime – like batman.
    I rest my case.

      • Haha! I didn’t need convincing (My last car was named Bruce. It was the batmobile. It had Batman floor mats, a batman dash-sticker thing, a batman hanging from the mirror, a batman towel across the back, etc.), but you would have had me sold otherwise! Well argued. Case rested!
        For as they say; always be yourself… unless you can be Batman. Then be Batman.

  3. Quick kit inspection, EJ?!! No, seriously…I think a good old multi-syllabic monicker, with Biblical undertones, would be brilliant: Mephistopheles, say, or Beelzebub. Either that or a rude expression, which would shock all neighbours, like You B***ard! Or Hrothgar…


  4. Peeve! When I heard it, I decided that will when it is a good time in my life for a pet, I will name the pet Peeve. Until then, please feel free to use it! πŸ™‚

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