Face Change

Okay, so it’s not a proper face change. But I did just change the profile pic on my Gravatar, or whatever that blasted thing is called.

That other one wasn’t recent. I mean, it was prettier, but not a true representation of the current me.

It was like, 4 years old now.

I’m not so pretty anymore. I’m feeling old.

But this new one is via the beach. From last weekend. So, it’s right current.

If it scares anyone I’ll switch it back. Promise! Haha.


13 thoughts on “Face Change

  1. would you cut down a tree simply because it got older, and had more stretches, divots, & creases in its bark?

    blessings on the visual records of time
    living records of elements and weathers from the inside and out
    the present is closer to the truth

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