I Return With Answers!

I am back!

I know, I use that phrase a lot. Or at least I have done in the last few months. I can’t tell if my random hiatuses are going to get better or worse at this point. I was happy blaming college, but then that ended for the year and I thought I’d have time to do this blogging thing. Then, I don’t know, I needed a rest, from everything.

But for now, I return. And I am (maybe) just in time to answer some questions posed by Suzie over at her blog. She has been encouraging anyone who wishes to answer 7 questions over the last week, because she likes getting to know her blogging buddies. Isn’t that sweet? I love the idea! So, naturally, I want to participate. Here are my answers…

1. Why have you chosen your blog name?

Because it’s very ‘me’. Two of my favourite words that just happen to sum up not only who I am, but what this blog essentially delivers: Whimsy and eclecticism.

2. When you have an hour of free-time, what do you do?

Blog? Okay, I guess I can’t claim that as truth, knowing that I have had many hours free the last couple weeks. I like to write, or socialise. If I can’t find someone to converse with, I’ll sit down to converse with myself or a page.

3. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what would it be?

Um… that’s tricky. I was leaning towards younger, as to avoid responsibility, but I like knowing what I know now and assume I’ll be more aware and/or wiser in the future. I may not have reached my ideal age yet. I’m not sure. I am getting fed up with how easy I injure myself playing sport now though. I miss that youthful, sturdy body I once had.

4. If you could learn to do something, what would it be?

I wouldn’t mind learning how to cook really, really well. That’d be neat.There’s many things I could list here, but that comes to mind almost instantly.

5. What would be the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

A monkey. I mean, why not?

Actually, if we’re being serious, I suppose it depends on how much I’m winning. Enough for a party with friends? Enough for my desired Kombi? Enough to travel the World? Enough to follow Dave Matthews Band on tour? Enough for a house at the beach? Enough to start my own business? Those things.

The party first.

Then a monkey.

6. What is the thing that makes you absolutely unique?

Perhaps my perception. It’s difficult to answer, because uniqueness cannot be dialed down to one factor. It is the unique combination of all traits and such. But I think my perception of the World around me is very unique.

7. What is your favourite blog?

You mean blogs, plural, right?

A couple faves include:

The Girl Who Blogs

Words Become Superfluous

Awakening To Awareness

Suzie81’s Blog

I’m Just Super Saiyan

But there are sooooo many good ones I’m aware of, and many more I probably aren’t. Explore the blogosphere, it is inhabited by so many amazing people!


14 thoughts on “I Return With Answers!

  1. EJ !!! You’re back, you were missed, you know these things already. Meanwhile, I feel like I know a little more now too, after reading these answers! Loved #3 especially. And you can cook for me anytime πŸ˜‰

    • Amb!! Nice of you to say, thanks. I missed you too! Glad it was a little insightful. I’d cook for you, but I’m not sure that’s realllly what anyone would want. Not until I’ve had those culinary lessons! Haha.

      • Lol! Hey, I’m just trying to wrangle myself an invitation to your kitchen, here. Once I get there, we can order in πŸ˜‰

        And your writing is always insightful. That’s one of my favourite things about it!

  2. Liking the fact that you refer to us as “inhabitors” of the blogosphere. Makes us sound like ruling creatures or critters. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your kind blog ‘shout out’. You do know that we appreciate yours even more…

    Good to have you back, for whatever the chosen duration. BTW, did you ever name you fence-dweller?

    • We are! We are the rulers of the blogosphere. Haha.
      No probs. Your blog has always been a favourite of mine! And always will be.
      Thanks, Eric! My fence-dweller has bailed! I haven’t seen it in a couple weeks. Hope it returns!

  3. Hey EJ, hope you had a good weekend. I posted a Dave video in this weekend’s Words–him doing “Thank You” at the Mile High Festival. I swear I cannot watch him dance around the stage without smiling and laughing.

    Hope you have a great week,

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