One Down, Two To Go (and then a typical ramble)

So, I really feel like posting in this here blog today, particularly since I have not done so much lately. But, I was really struggling to find what I wanted to share. I still have nothing overly interesting coming through these fingers, so I am just going to share with you my study schedule for next year. Boring, I know. Apologies. Slow news dayΒ weekΒ here in EJ-Land.

I am now enrolled in all my next-year subjects, so I thought maybe I can talk about that a little.

For those new to the blog… heavens, why??

Haha. I kid.

Kind of…

Anyway, for those new to the blog, long story short – I bailed on my teaching career and enrolled mid-this-year into a Professional Writing and Editing course. I still have next year and the one after before I’m fully qualified and informed. One year down, two to go.

For those old to the blog, I’m terribly sorry about banging on about that.

So, next year, I am officially enrolled in; ‘Editing Practice’, ‘Writing Fiction – Story and Structure’, ‘Writing Non-fiction – Research and Readership’, ‘Copyediting and Proofreading’, ‘Building a Strong Narrative’ and ‘Writing for the Print Media’.

Which is all great for me, because I’m completely undecided on what to focus on in my final year. So, having a massive range like that next year will (hopefully) enable me to make an executive decision on my major. This semester I completed Desktop Publishing and Corporate Writing. Not the official subject titles, but effectively what they were on about.

So, options galore. And if you know me, you know I have a love/hate relationship with options.

Quick fact: I am extremely adaptable. Extremely.

You could give me no options. Just say, “You’re doing your major in Fiction Writing for Children,” and I’d be fine. Given the options actually available I’d never choose that. But, you get my point. I make do with whatever’s available and am happy to do so. Always.

With options however, my head gets overloaded. Not even my head. I’m not using my head. I stopped using my head earlier this year. It was like a mid-year new years resolution. (My actual New Years Resolution was to be more selfish. An interesting one, I know. Made sense for me. I’m happier now.) So no more head either. My instinct and intuition are sharper than my head. And they take ‘me’ into account.

But, as I was saying, options just befuddle me. I love Editing, I love writing Fiction, I love writing Non-Fiction, I love writing for Media, and I surprisingly really enjoyed the Corporate Writing deal this year. I found I was very good at it. Maybe I go with what I end up being best at? Who knows. I surely don’t. Not yet. I can’t decide. Too many good options I think I’d be happy with.

Although if I went with what I’m ‘best’ at, I may end up with Publishing, because I got a High Distinction (90) for that one. A Distinction (78) for the Corporate one. I’m already more confident with this stuff. Such a difference when you know it’s ‘you’. My other two Degrees were splattered with Credits and Passes for the most part. But, they had exams. Oh, god… exams. The bane of my existence. Give me a portfolio-based assessment any day.

And this is the first time in my ENTIRE schooling that I have been involved in something more portfolio based. It’s wonderful! My instinct has always leaned me towards creativity, but sadly that head I was using for 28 years wanted to lean towards the academics. ‘Cause I was good at them, too. It was all Science and Maths at school. That’s what the ‘smart’ or ‘successful’ kids did. Ha! What a load of bollocks. Took me far too long to see through that bullshit. And I thought I was ‘aware’. Well, I guess I am moreso now. Just took the right culmination of life experiences.

Although, it’s not that I wasn’t particularly aware at that point. I just think I failed to take an active interest in my own life. I, like many, have always been great at giving advice, or assisting others towards positive self-discovery, but until recently absolutely failed to deliver that for myself.

But if you’ve been following this blog this year, you know that has changed. And I am very thankful for it.

I am also very thankful to you guys for trudging through this bollocks. I should really sit down with a plan before I write here. This is the result of improvisation. Again, so many apologies.

I might do a music one next. That’s long overdue.

Thanks for enduring that. I love you all!


12 thoughts on “One Down, Two To Go (and then a typical ramble)

  1. I trust you’re appreciating your chosen transformation. Good on you!

    I am anticipating the day when I can say, “I knew him when he was figuring it all out.” Your writing skills are your gift and what you choose to do with them, post-formal learning, will be amazing. When does your pre-sales campaign launch? πŸ™‚

    • It’s supposed to be summer. It rained here yesterday! I’m not impressed. Haha. But I’ll be spending the week after Christmas down at the beach house, so it better be warm then. That’s my favourite place (and time of year and weather) to write, so I’m aiming for a burst at that point.

  2. “My instinct and intuition are sharper than my head.” <– I was given this advice, and I own it. Your journey is interesting to me regardless how boring you try to bill it. I have to write like I have to breathe, but I do respect editing. I'm just not a gifted editor. I can do it, but it takes time and patience that I have- just not for that πŸ™‚ Good luck sorting your your academic path forward

    • Glad to hear you’re running with that advice as well! I think it’s priceless. Thanks for the kind comments (as always).

      Then don’t edit! I think there’s more beauty to that which is raw and untouched, straight from the soul anyhow. And in instances where editing is necessary? Well, there’s always others to do that for us! I happen to enjoy it though, and I recognize how rare and odd that is. I am OCD, so naturally my attention to detail is superb and I actually get a bit of a kick out of being so analytic with it all.
      Thanks, Meka!

      • You’re welcome! It is rare indeed, but the only oddity I find is how passionate you are for both. That comes across, and it’s one of the things I find most enjoyable about your work.

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