My 5 Must Haves On A Deserted Island

I missed a Daily Prompt I wanted to do.

Okay, so I probably missed a few. But, I missed one in the last couple days. I don’t know how. I’m definitely slipping.

Anyway, the prompt was, “What 5 things are must haves with you on a deserted island?”

1. My trumpet.

Yeah, I haven’t played in a while, but I still remember how. I was pretty immersed in it. Had a band and played in a few others and everything. I miss those days. Anyway, point is, if I can’t listen to music, I damn well want to be able to create it. So, I’d take my trumpet.

2. A pet.

I’d need some form of companion. I think it would help my sanity massively to have a pet dog there with me. I don’t have one at the moment. I live in an apartment. But in the future, when I have my own place, I’ll have a dog for sure. I grew up with them. Love them. Man’s best friend. I’m assuming I can gather enough food for the both of us. He may even help with the hunting, if I take the right breed.

3. A hatchet.

You know that shit is gonna come in handy. Firewood needs chopping, branches for shelter need chopping, etc. Anyone read that novel, ‘Hatchet‘? … exactly.

4. Fishing reel.

Thinking practical now. Fruits and such are great, but meat is handy and I’d assume fishing would be easier than hunting. I at least have practice with that one.

5. Flint and steel.

I’ll want a campfire. Warmth, cooking, all that. And try starting a fire without a flint and steel. Tough work.

So that’s my list! What would you want to take on a deserted island with you?


15 thoughts on “My 5 Must Haves On A Deserted Island

  1. Okay, I think I’ve decided what I’d take with me on a deserted island.
    1. A machete. They’re big enough to cut branches and handy enough to clean a fish. Also great for self defense against large, hungry predators.
    2. A large waterproof tarp. For shelter in the rain, because no one likes to be cold and wet. Would also come in handy if I decide to craft a getaway boat.
    3. Flint and steel. Takes care of the cold part. Also the eating-raw-fish part.
    4. Guitar. Because it would probably be very quiet and music is a great way to lift one’s spirits.
    5. A satellite phone. You know, so I can call for help when I’m done roughing it.


    • You and EJ are so much more practical than me. You’re all food and shelter and self-preservation, and I’m sitting here thinking, “Jane Austen’s entire library! Doctor Who seasons 5-8! Chocolate!” sigh. Let’s make sure we get stranded together, k?

      • Haha! Oh, Amb. We need to talk about survival skills, don’t we? If we’re stuck on the same desert island, I’ll single handedly reenact all of Jane Austen’s books for you if you promise to bring something useful—like a first aid kit or soap. 😉

      • A first aid kit! Something I’d actually need to use … likely a lot… Right!! Yes, that would be the logical thing to choose … oh goodness. Don’t leave me, please. I’d never survive!

  2. Your trumpet, that’s a great choice. Thought about that prompt and missed it too. But since live is not worth living without wine, chocolate, coffee, creativity and the one I love, I’ll take those. Better yet, I’ll take along a winemaker, chocolatier, coffee bean farmer, the one I love, and my dog, too. Nice posts you have here!

    • Thanks so much. I like your choices, too! It would be much better with wine, chocolate and coffee, I agree completely. And thanks for following. I’m enjoying your posts, too! 🙂

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  4. Probably the best list I’ve seen! I love that you’d bring your trumpet- I would bring my Clarinet and hopefully after being on the island, I’ll become pro at it. And maybe a cello and learn how to play that by myself… would that work…? But I love the idea of a pet and all the practically useful things. Keep it up!

    • Thanks so much! I think that would definitely work. Bringing something to learn and challenge yourself is a great idea, and would certainly keep you from getting bored too often, too. Very cool that you play the clarinet! Been playing long?
      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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