Intuition vs Logic

I had a blank. So, I searched for Blog Prompts. I found an ‘idea bank’. I liked it. There are over 600 topic ideas. That’s ridiculous. I don’t need that many. But I did like this one…

‘Review your own blog’

I’m totally kidding. I hated that one. That one smells of smug pretentiousness.

Okay, here’s my review (apparently by my inner child (he’s 13)):

This blog is boring. Needs more pictures and boobies. -1/10

Okay, how about this one?

If you were soap on a rope whose shower would you be in?

That’s pretty creepy. Next…

And then a weird thing happened. Well, it’s not that weird. Thinking long enough is going to dislodge the mind-block at some point and the thinking juices are going to flow.

I thought of something to write about. Something that was sparked from conversation tonight. So, it really shouldn’t have been that difficult to come up with as a blog topic. This took far too long.

I was sitting beside the court at soccer tonight, talking with my close friend, Aaron. Best bloke in the World. That’s a fact. You’ll find that in any Encyclopedia worth its salt.

Anyway, I forget how, but someone we know there came into conversation. I won’t say who. Odds are good my friends don’t read this crap (my blog), but you never know. And I, being ever open and far too honest, admitted, “I don’t like that guy. He’s not a good guy.”

Aaron accepted my position, but suggested he can’t be that bad. He has no reason to dislike him.

And that was when I tried to explain something. And this is not limited to judging someone’s character. This is meant generally in the use of all facets of life.

Reason and logic are governed by your mind. And assessing anything based on the rhythm of the mind is okay, but I had no reason to dislike him either. And I explained, it does not have to come down to reason. I see something in him, with my intuition, that I know I don’t like, and I don’t trust. But I feel my intuition is pretty well honed. The mind operates with logic, but our intuition can see beyond. Our head and our gut operate on different wavelengths. Reason will see things our intuition will not, and our intuition will pick up on things reason cannot.

The trick is to be able to hone and make use of both our head (logic/reasoning) and our intuition.

He called me a hippie and laughed. But he kind of knew what I meant. Or at least he knows I have that access to intuition. But I find it interesting that intuition as I know it does not seem to be a universal thing common to everybody else. Or at least not everyone is aware of it/its uses.

That isn’t something I realised tonight. Just something I was reminded of. And Aaron is absolutely a very aware person. I’m not saying he’s wrong, either. By all accounts, reason and logic would not dispute this other guy’s character or moral compass. But, somehow, I know different. And it isn’t deduced from reason.

Do you relate to this? Or did you just laugh and call me a hippie as well? Haha, I’m fine with either response.


10 thoughts on “Intuition vs Logic

  1. For what it’s worth I’m pleased about the lack of boobies on your blog… I think everyone experiences a similar thing with certain people. There are those out there that we just don’t like, and there are others that don’t like us. It’s important to give that person a chance if they’ve not done anything wrong, but often our first instincts stay with us…

    • Haha! I think most people would be pleased about that.
      Yeah, he’s not done anything wrong that I’m aware of, but I’m telling ya, something’s gonna come up. I can tell he’s a bad egg. I’d put money on it! You’re right though, we should always give people a chance. I’ll play nice with him for now. πŸ™‚

  2. I suffer from this as well. It’s not that I write someone off when I meet them and don’t like them, it’s just that I can usually tell if they’re trustworthy or not and I shape our relationship accordingly. I don’t get close to people who have questionable character. Even when I was young, I’d get a feeling about people. My mom, being wise, told me to go with my gut. Better to not risk it.

    This is different from judging someone by what you’ve heard about them. Gossip is incendiary and should be ignored—but listening to your intuition about a person is not the same. Sometimes that little nudge can spare us a lot of pain.

  3. Proud “hippie” here – hears you. And knows exactly the tree you’re barking up. Unsolicited counsel: NEVER abandon your intuition. If you’re gifted with it, use and appreciate it. As for the bloke who entered the conversation, I don’t like him either.

    • Thanks, Eric! We can be proud “hippies” together. You can rest assured that not only will I not abandon my intuition, but am constantly learning to use it moreso.
      Haha, and you’d be right. I’m sure of it.

  4. Over the past year especially, whenever I’ve ignored that little voice in the back of my mind and told myself “things will be fine” things were definitely not fine. I’m working on trusting that more, slowly but surely!

  5. I believe you, but I’ve also been accused of being a hippie. I’m ok with it. Maybe we can get one of those salty encyclopedias you mentioned that might prove him otherwise

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