The Year That Was

Okay, so it seems every man and his dog has done a blog post recap of their year that was 2013. As a bonafide nonconformist, I decided I was not going to do the same. That was until I read slapthesunshine’s Rewind of the Past Year. Her post was magnificent. And very inspiring. Makes me want to get my ass in gear this year. She did SO much traveling and experiencing of everything life has to offer. I was completely inspired to do my own recap. See what I managed to experience and accomplish for myself this year.

Oh, and as if her post wasn’t already dreamy enough, about halfway down she had even included a little GIF of Sophia Bush. I could not help but fall in love with everything presented on that page after that, so now here we are. My recap is happening.

Honestly 2013 was pretty wicked to me.

There were ups and downs, but it would be weird if there weren’t. Most of it was positives though.

The down that comes to mind was my relationship breakup in May. That’s never a heaping of fun. But I’ll tell you what, I have learned a lot from it and essentially it enabled me to rediscover who I am and what I’m supposed to be doing with this life. So that was important, it turns out. And sadly that was never going to happen being where I was.


Too right, Sophia.

But that was what kinda kicked me into gear and had me decide to take a leap at that pipe dream.

So I tore up my teaching registration just like that and applied for mid-year intake into that Professional Writing and Editing course. I got in. And so far I have loved it.

That was probably the biggest thing that happened this year for me. I began my third degree. Let’s hope this is it now. Let’s hope I don’t need a fourth. Let’s hope I can make a living once this one’s obtained. A living I want to make.

What else did I do? Oh, I went on a boy’s trip to Sydney for a week. That was in October. See, everything good happened in the second half of the year. And that trip had a thousand experiences within it.

I think I only attended one gig this year. Damn, I need to start getting some funds together. I refuse to do that little gigging again in any of the rest of my years. I saw Cosmo Jarvis this year. And that was because one of my brothers organised it. That was a cool gig. Good fun. Wait… was Aloe Blacc this year? Or last year? There’s something wrong with my memory. Well, maybe two gigs this year. I can’t quite work that one out. May have been last year though. Don’t lock it in.

Oh, I got to see my Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup! That was awesome. That was in June, is that first half or second? Maybe that was the turning point. I’m a big fan. Possibly the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. Surely not that big a thing to claim. Nah, not at all. So I was proper ecstatic.

Also hockey related, I attended the USA/Canada ice hockey exhibition match here in Melbourne. It was okay. A bit gimmicky. Or so I thought. Still a great night though, and we hit up the Casino afterwards. Long night from what I remember. And I think I have a photo with Cookie Monster playing the bagpipes. Yeah, that happened.

Okay, so couldn't find bagpiping Cookie Monster, but here's us with guitarist Mario!

Okay, so couldn’t find bagpiping Cookie Monster, but here’s us with guitarist Mario!

I also visited the zoo and almost stole adopted a baby lemur.



And now I’m just drawing a whole heap of blanks. I studied, played a lot of indoor soccer, reffed a lot of indoor soccer, had a lot of BBQ’s and generally a very sociable year which was great, plenty of great nights out, lots of good nights in, a ton of sweet trips to the beach-house and made some wonderful blogging buddies right here. Thanks to all of you for a magnificent year, and let’s all have a great one again this year! Booyah!


11 thoughts on “The Year That Was

  1. What whaaaat finally this post is up! I’ve been waiting for it! Every good story starts with a breakup, doesn’t it? You won’t need a fourth degree because your writing is so great already! This one will be the one. You should’ve adopted that baby lemur, and keep living on the edge. I suggest you take a small notebook around with you whenever something significant happens so you won’t forget it. Then you can use it for this year’s recap!

    P.S. Thank you for those amazing words in the first paragraph. I could not be more honored!

    • Sorry to keep you waiting! I know it took a little while. I was trying to think of more things, too. I love your notebook idea. I may have to adopt that one. My memory is useless. I should blog about more events, too. I went through my archive quickly to see if there was anything there about 2013 events, but I didn’t say much about any of that stuff apparently. I don’t know what utter bollocks I’ve been blogging about. I appreciate the compliment, and hopefully you’re right about not needing a 4th degree. Gee, that sounds like far too many. You’re also right about the lemur. That’s a risk worth taking. I’ll head back to that zoo. Haha.

      P.S. You’re more than welcome, but that was just simple honesty! You and your blog are awesome. You deserve much more than the mere praise I gave. 🙂

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